Talkdesk Launches Vacation Solution

Talkdesk Vacation Now helps tourism and hospitality companies deliver fast, scalable customer service

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Talkdesk Launches Vacation Solution

Talkdesk has announced a new COVID-19 relief and recovery solution designed to help travel and hospitality companies ready their contact centres in preparation of the surge of customer demand.  

Talkdesk Vacation Now transitions contact centres to the cloud in as little as 24 hours and equips agents with best-in-class tools to work from anywhere.  

Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer, Talkdesk, said: “Customer experience has never been more important than it is now, as customers look to the brands they love and trust to help them reset, refuel and restart their lives. As consumers prepare to leave their homes to visit loved ones, see the world and celebrate life again, Talkdesk will be there to help the travel and hospitality industry deliver fast, personal experiences for every customer. 

“By reducing friction and decreasing the time it takes to address customer queries, Talkdesk Vacation Now helps travel and hospitality companies reimagine the traveller experience to get people out and about faster. 

Marco Racanelli, Customer Intelligence and Operations, trivago, added: Talkdesk is simple to use and tailor to our needs, which enables us to streamline our processes, making our agents’ jobs easier. 

“With Talkdesk, we provide our hoteliers a more customised and exceptional customer experience.” 

With an intuitive user interface, agents can serve customers immediately and become certified experts through Talkdesk Academy in just two hours. 

The pent-up demand for travel is global. In the 2021 Global Travel Trends Report from American Express, 78% of respondents indicate wanting to travel in 2021 to relieve the stresses from 2020. Results of the annual Vacation Deprivation study from Expedia revealed that in 2021 Americans plan to take an extra week of vacation, with 81% of working adults worldwide placing more value on vacation and ready to trade days off for bucket list experiences.

According to the 2020 Talkdesk Contact Centre KPI Benchmarking Report, the travel sector has the longest hold time of any industry. Analysing anonymous data from thousands of companies, the report found that travel businesses keep their customers waiting, on average, for almost twice as long as manufacturing and more than three times as long as healthcare and life sciences businesses.  

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