Talkdesk vs RingCentral: Choosing Your CCaaS

Rebekah Carter

Is RingCentral or Talkdesk best?

RingCentral Talkdesk Reviews
Talkdesk vs RingCentral: Choosing Your CCaaS

As the workplace grows increasingly flexible, the contact centre is beginning to evolve. Today’s companies know that an old-fashioned legacy contact centre can’t deliver the experiences that clients are looking for today. To compete in this omnichannel and rapidly evolving world, organisations need the scalability of the cloud.

Contact Centre as a Service, or CCaaS offerings are becoming increasingly popular as business leaders search for new and improved ways to innovate. With a contact centre delivered over the cloud, companies can access as much disruptive technology as they like, without paying for more than they use. CCaaS opens the door to a future-proof business plan.

Today, we’re going to be examining two of the leading providers of CCaaS solutions, to see how they measure up. Here’s your comparison of Talkdesk and RingCentral CCaaS.

Talkdesk CCaaS Features

Talkdesk stands out as one of the world leaders in communication solutions. The company offers a wide selection of tools for communication, including UCaaS, collaboration, and CPaaS services. The CX Cloud system delivers flexible functionality and features for all aspects of communication, including the contact centre.

Talkdesk CCaaS provides highly flexible access to a range of tools for better customer experience, including comprehensive call management and queuing services. Features of this innovative offering include:

  • Cloud native from the ground-up
  • One all-in-one platform
  • Various APIs and integrations
  • Intelligent routing and contextual communications
  • Maximum scalability and flexibility
  • Enterprise-class security
  • Guaranteed uptime and voice quality
  • Reporting and analytics

For companies ready to make the leap into the cloud, Talkdesk makes the transition convenient, simple, and customisable. With CX Cloud, you can pick the strategy for cloud that works best for your team.

RingCentral CCaaS Features

RingCentral CCaaS is a more recent addition to the company’s profile for communication, however, it’s still one of the leaders in the marketplace. The CCaaS system was created by one of the leading cloud, and communication technology providers. RingCentral contact centre covers everything you need for great customer experiences, including integrations CRM technology.

With a flexible and immersive user interface to empower agents, RingCentral transforms the contact centre into a more efficient environment. Features include:

  • Customisable dashboards for contact centre agents
  • Efficient call routing with intelligent support
  • Enhanced outbound dialling and automation
  • Omnichannel customer service insights
  • Workforce optimisation tools for more efficient teams
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Quality management performance tools
  • Customer survey support

RingCentral’s CCaaS solution comes with an excellent range of features to help businesses improve the quality and performance of their contact centre environment. You can even use enhanced outbound tools to boost your number of successful sales calls.

Talkdesk vs RingCentral: Experience

Talkdesk and RingCentral are market leaders in offering comprehensive CCaaS systems. An easy-to-use interface, and a complete omnichannel approach to customer service improves experience business-wide. Employees get a more convenient platform for managing calls, while customers benefit from a more aligned and informed team.

Talkdesk embeds excellent experience into every part of the CX Cloud. The company even received the highest score for contact centre operations from the G2 Grid report. With Talkdesk CX Cloud, companies have everything that they need to transform customer experience, from AI and automation to boost employee productivity, to wallboards for competition.

Talkdesk comes with plenty of integration potential too. The open API-focused environment means that organisations can extend the functionality of their contact centre however they choose. In the same vein, RingCentral also offers open API functionality. That means that businesses can tailor their contact centre to their specific needs with ease.

RingCentral’s immersive contact centre experience comes with dashboards that agents can customize to boost productivity and efficient. Intelligent call routing means that agents get the right calls depending on their skills. What’s more, automation for outbound calling takes some of the extra stress off today’s teams. The workplace optimisation tools embedded into the RingCentral technology also assist in improving employee performance and experience.

Talkdesk vs RingCentral: Security and Compliance

As important as a flexible and customizable CCaaS solution is for today’s teams, it’s also crucial to ensure that the right privacy and security measures are in place too. Fortunately, both Talkdesk and RingCentral take every step necessary to ensure that businesses can maintain compliance in today’s digital world.

Talkdesk’s enterprise-level security and compliance solution gives absolute peace of mind to business owners. The technology has SOC2 Type 2 certification and complies with the guidelines of GDPR. Talkdesk also ensures that its contact centre technology follows all of the best practices outlined by frameworks like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001/27002.

Companies using Talkdesk contact centre solutions can also tap into Talkdesk PCI for a secure transactional experience. Similarly, RingCentral ensures that all businesses can stay secure when communicating with their customers and connecting online. RingCentral promises 99.99% uptime, as well as active failover solutions for peace of mind.

RingCentral technology is fully compliant with the most popular security and compliance standards. Consumers can rest easy knowing that they have a completely encrypted and protected CCaaS solution- available from any device.

Talkdesk vs RingCentral: Verdict

In today’s battle to own the customer experience, business leaders are relying heavily on flexible cloud-based solutions. CCaaS technology gives organisations the ability to scale at a speed that’s suitable for them, unlocking new technology when they need it most. Both Talkdesk and RingCentral take advantage of the cloud to offer amazing CCaaS

Talkdesk delivers an innovative contact centre platform that’s flexible and scalable according to the needs of each company. Talkdesk makes it easy to access advanced reporting, workforce optimisation, and AI tools for growth.

RingCentral is an excellent company for CCaaS too, offering an immersive and customisable experience for today’s companies. With RingCentral, teams benefit from everything from everything from omnichannel support to real-time analytics and quality management tools.

Both RingCentral and Talkdesk represent excellent opportunities for businesses entering the CCaaS space. Which contact centre as a service provider will you be considering as you head into the next stage of your digital transformation strategy?



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