Talkdesk’s New Boost & Guide

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More updates as part of 20 in 20

Talkdesk’s New Boost & Guide

Talkdesk, one of the leaders in cloud contact centre solutions, recently announced the arrival of Talkdesk Boost for Business Continuity. This solution offers companies access to Talkdesk Boost for free for a total of three months, helping to accelerate the support of remote contact centre staff in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

In emergency situations, companies need a simple business continuity plan that can accommodate staff while delivering higher levels of customer support. The Talkdesk Boost experience expedites the transition process from on-premise solutions to cloud contact centre offerings.

According to CEO of Talkdesk, Tiago Paiva, this update embraces the fact that the contact centre is still the heart of the customer service strategy. In crisis situations, such as the one that we’re facing today with the coronavirus, a contact centre business that can continue to answer questions quickly and conveniently is essential.

Moving Beyond the Traditional Contact Centre

Although many companies have already made the move to the cloud contact centre environment, some are still sticking with their traditional solutions. Unfortunately, traditional contact centres require agents to be active in one central location, linked to a specific desk phone. In some contact centres, these phones, desks, headsets, and so on are shared by various agents on different shifts.

With so many agents in one place, contact centres are generally at a much higher risk of being impacted by things like the coronavirus. The cloud solution provided by Talkdesk will allow those with Cisco, Genesys and Avaya solutions the freedom to let users work from home. This improves security and allows for business continuity.

Talkdesk’s Boost solution helps businesses to make the move to the cloud quickly and easily, so that they can service clients remotely. With Talkdesk Boost to accelerate the digital transformation strategy, businesses can reap other benefits too. For instance, they can augment their existing on-premise tools with intelligent and modern contact centre applications that enhance agent productivity, improve customer experience and increase agility.

Another Fantastic Step Forward for Talkdesk

Talkdesk Boost is just one of the most recent evolutions in the Talkdesk portfolio, offering an easy digital transformation for businesses from all backgrounds. This risk-free approach builds on Talkdesk’s dedicated 20 in 20 strategy to bring 20 new products to the market within the first 20 weeks of this new year.

Charanya Kannan

Charanya Kannan

Charanya Kannan, Talkdesk’s first Chief Product Officer, is on-board to help oversee the program for 20 in 20, including the introduction of the new Talkdesk Boost cloud migration solution, among many others.

Kannan’s newly created leadership role will also allow him to oversee product management, product strategy, engineering, product design, product partnerships and more. Kannan joined the Talkdesk environment as VP of Product in 2018 and was quickly promoted to senior VP of product thereafter. Prior to working with Talkdesk, Kannan also worked in various leadership positions at Oracle, AT&T, and Model N.

Kannan’s appointment to CPO follows the recent announcement that Kathie Johnson would be taking the role as the first Chief Marketing Officer for Talkdesk too. Talkdesk’s C-Suite is now made up of a 40% female staff.

Transforming the Industry

According to the CEO, Talkdesk is planning on “storming the contact centre market” this year with the arrival of a disruptive product line capable of bridging the gap between where customers are today, and where they want to be in the months or years to come. The arrival of the new experts in their C-Suite, as well as the introduction of exciting new solutions like Talkdesk Boost helps the company to continue moving in the right direction to reach its goals.

The Talkdesk brand is already moving through a period of exceptional growth and momentum this year. The company has quickly become one of the most popular names in the contact centre landscape. Additionally, Talkdesk has earned a role as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS in North America for 2019. Talkdesk was also named by the Forbes Cloud 100 list too.

Talkdesk also recently announced the arrival of their new Talkdesk Guide. This intelligent knowledgebase transforms the way that companies deliver handy information to their customers and employees alike.

The technology comes powered with artificial intelligence from the Talkdesk IQ environment, and it seamlessly integrates information from various systems into a complete CX service. Through the power of both cloud flexibility and AI information, the Guide anticipates potential customer needs using everything from natural language processing to trend analysis. What’s more, Talkdesk Guide also has access to various databases so that it can dynamically personalise self-service solutions for every client individually.

Making the Knowledge Base Smarter

According to Tiago Paiva, the modern knowledgebases that businesses rely on today need to excel at leveraging AI as the ultimate business strategy for answering crucial questions quickly and efficiently. The old-fashioned modes of accessing website information are no longer efficient enough for today’s fast-paced companies.

The Talkdesk Guide is a new and improved conversational knowledge base solution that harnesses the scalability of a cloud environment, consolidating multiple data sources into one fantastic solution for customer interactions. There are even real-time recommendations for agents.

Now that around 60% of US customers claim that their go-to channel for inquiries is self-service tools like websites, mobile apps, and voice response systems, it’s more important than ever before for companies to have access to the correct contact centre technology. Guide provides a simple plug-and-play knowledge base for enhancing self-service capabilities in everything from virtual agents to chatbots. Guide also integrates with existing knowledgebase tools and combines databases like CRMs and other tools into a single environment for customer service.

Achieving Amazing Customer Experiences

Tiago Paiva

Tiago Paiva

When the complexity of an issue grows, customers usually turn to human beings for help, seeking empathy and creative support. Fortunately, the deep integration opportunities offered by the Talkdesk Guide go beyond the basics of self-service. With Guide, you can also provide your agents with a powerful virtual assistant too. When paired with the Talkdesk Agent Assist technology, Guide gives agents the more relevant information and resolution recommendations available in an accessible real-time environment. This allows for faster, more personalised customer experiences.

Talkdesk Guide also taps into the power of artificial intelligence to synthesise data and information that has been spread across multiple databases. FAQs and third-party knowledgebases can be brought together to provide more in-depth content for agents, so that they can better serve their customers. What’s more, the whole experience is managed through a simple user interface, with no code or complicated knowledge required. Guide turns information in any business into a more accessible and useful tool for everyone involved.


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