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Published: February 23, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

From the launch of a new CX platform to the accelerating success of others, here are some extracts from our most popular news stories over the last seven days.

Oracle Announces an Enterprise Communications Platform (ECP)

Oracle will soon release its Enterprise Communications Platform (ECP) that aims to help organizations “reimagine how they do business”.

The platform serves up communication, network, and IoT capabilities to customers, who can use those to innovate within Oracle’s industry applications.

In addition, Oracle’s team may leverage the platform on the back-end of these applications to quickly create new capabilities and develop new vertical-specific use cases for customers.

However, the goal is to ultimately support customers in extending the value of their deployments themselves.

Indeed, Andrew Morawski, EVP & GM of Oracle Communications, shared his hopes that the ECP will become the “communications backbone” for businesses when making the announcement on LinkedIn.

With this backbone, an organization may add new arms and legs to its Oracle deployment, bringing new visions of user and customer experiences to life.

Yet, the platform is not a new concept for Oracle. Indeed, Morawski confirms that it has been four years in the making, and – on the back end of many Oracle products – it’s already making a difference. He stated:

We’re already seeing incredible impact in the way industries such as healthcare, the public sector, hospitality, and energy and water are using this platform to help solve some of their biggest challenges.

An excellent example is how the ECP has already contributed to innovation within Oracle’s Public Safety suite, which boosts first responders’ efficiency and real-time situational awareness.

There, it has grouped multiple voice calls to emergency services and verified the location of an incident within a blended map view. (Read on…).

Google Secures a 10,000+ Seat CCaaS Win, Reveals Several Contact Center Megadeals

Google has secured a series of impressive CCaaS wins, rubberstamping its credentials as a cloud contact center provider for the largest and most complex enterprises.

In an exclusive interview with CX Today, Amit Kumar, CCaaS Product Manager at Google, rattled off a long list of enterprise megadeals, including a 10,000-seat win in North America

Yet, this is only one eye-catching example, with Google leveraging CCAI-P to displace legacy systems within many household name brands.

Those include the largest online retailer in Mexico, a prominent pharmaceutical vendor in Brazil, and a global insurance firm – each with several thousands of agents on Google’s platform.

Kumar promises much more, too, with a healthy pipeline brimming with businesses looking to expand their positive relationships with Google.

“We have lots of existing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers, looking to advance the relationship by adding CCAI-P in their environment,” he said.

If they use the CCAI suite – the platform’s predecessor – and are looking to replace their legacy vendor, we have consistently been automatically added to those evaluations and requests for proposals (RFPs).

Interestingly, Kumar also notes that the CCaaS solution has become a “door opener” for the tech juggernaut, highlighting three core business drivers:

  1. Its reliable, scalable, secure foundation
  2. Cloud-native, AI, and user-first design
  3. A focus on driving customer success

One look at the CCAI platform’s architecture underscores the first two drivers, with the underlying Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) providing a powerful, cloud-native base. (Read on…).

Fortune 1000 Companies Choose RingCentral for CCaaS

CCaaS is becoming more of a fertile market for RingCentral, with its RingCX platform helping to land contracts with two Fortune 1000 companies. 

Having recently launched its new CCaaS platform, RingCX – as well as branching out to offer solutions in hybrid and virtual events and conversational intelligence for sales – these ventures have contributed to the vendor landing big enterprise communications deals.
Amongst these adjacencies, CCaaS has been particularly key to the company’s business, with a recent Aragon report naming RingCentral as one of the 10 key providers that are actively contributing to intelligent contact centers tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.  
In discussing the news at the Q4 2023 earnings call, Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of RingCentral, doubled down RingCX’s achievements: 

 Regarding customers, we now have over 100 paying RingCX accounts, up from about 50 when we launched in November. And these accounts include two Fortune 1000 enterprises who each purchased over 1,000 seats.

Progress In CCaaS

The recent wins follow the announcement of a 1,000+ seat contact center megadeal with a Fortune 500 company in November of last year.  

If the original megadeal announced RingCX to the CCaaS world, signal its rising presence in the sector (Read on…).

HubSpot Reaches 100,000 Customers and $1 Billion in Revenue

Customer relationship management platform HubSpot has announced two major milestones as users and profits continue to soar.

With its 15th birthday fast approaching, HubSpot’s latest figures highlight how far it’s come in a short span of time; not only has the company surpassed 100,000 paying customers, but it has also broken $1 billion in annual recurring revenue.

In discussing the recent figures and reminiscing on his time at HubSpot, Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Halligan commented:

“These milestones are a massive testament to each and every customer who has believed in us over the past 15 years; we owe our success to you.

“As I reflect on the past year, I’m deeply humbled that so many companies have chosen HubSpot to help them innovate and adapt during this time of unprecedented uncertainty and change. Our customers are building the next normal, and I’m excited to continue to work alongside them to create a better future.”

Scaling The Mountain

Although it’s always great to celebrate an achievement, it’s more about the journey than the destination – or, as Miley Cyrus might put it, “It’s the climb.”

One of the standout aspects of HubSpot’s journey has been its ability to adapt and change in accordance with market and customer preferences. (Read on…).




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