Top CX Vendors Majoring in Healthcare in 2022

Rebekah Carter

Vendors helping to enhance patient care

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Top CX Vendors Majoring in Healthcare in 2022

Evaluating patient care is a number one priority for every healthcare organisation today. Whether delivering private or public care, medical guidance, or rehabilitation services, healthcare groups need to ensure they’re taking a human-first approach to business.

In a fast-paced, demanding, and ever-more challenging ecosystem, the easiest way for today’s leaders to delight and protect their patients, is by leveraging the correct technology. CX solutions ranging from CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) tools to self-service chatbots, and workforce management systems are growing increasingly crucial.

Fortunately, there are a number of market-leading vendors now offering innovative technology to today’s healthcare providers. Here are just some of the most innovative vendors for health leaders to consider in 2022 and beyond.


One of the top market leaders in the communications industry, NICE has been assisting businesses from all industries in their customer care strategy for years. The company’s innovative approach to CX tools guides healthcare organisations towards better efficiency and lower operating costs, without compromising on patient care.

NICE offers dedicated healthcare contact centre software to companies delivering all forms of patient support in the modern age. The NICE CX environment makes it easier for groups to unify all of their channels for communication, while preserving end-to-end security and compliance. What’s more, the solution comes with powerful and innovative tools for automation, sentiment analysis, and AI.

With NICE CXOne, healthcare innovators can create the flexible and cost-effective platforms they need to support and protect patients in a changing environment.


One of the better-known names in the helpdesk environment, Zendesk offers a variety of tools for empowering employees, and enhancing customer service. With “Zendesk for Healthcare” companies gain access to a comprehensive environment for routing support tickets and empowering employees.

The easy-to-use Zendesk ecosystem makes it easier to gain a 360-degree of each patient throughout the communication journey. You can integrate information from appointment booking tools, EHRs, and medical devices to complete your customer profiles. The Zendesk support suite also allows agents to manage conversations across chat, email, text, and phone.

Streamlined collaboration tools are another major selling point for Zendesk among healthcare companies. With a powerful back-end ecosystem, employees can more easily connect, share information, and support eachother with patient care.


8×8 is a pioneering communications company, committed to helping businesses improve all aspects of their experience economy. The 8×8 CCaaS environment for healthcare companies allows groups to reimagine their patient management strategies with voice, video, chat, and SMS in one space.

8×8’s cloud-based technology provides a secure, convenient environment where professionals can connect with patients seamlessly, while tracking crucial, secure information. With 8×8, companies can also build a powerful collaborative backend where service providers can more effectively connect with admin professionals and specialists in the distributed healthcare space

8×8’s CCaaS solutions even offer a range of integrations with leading tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and HubSpot.


Delivering a sensational level of patient care requires healthcare companies to develop deeper understandings of their patients. The right CRM technology can help with collecting important insights, and aligning employees around critical data during user conversations.

Salesforce, the world’s most popular CRM, has its own dedicated solutions built specifically for those in the healthcare environment. The “Health Cloud” provides team members with comprehensive 360-degree views of patients and members to help engage employees and delight end-users.

Salesforce delivers a highly flexible cloud-based environment, ready to integrate with other critical tools in your technology ecosystem. There are also fantastic analytics and AI solutions available for healthcare brands looking to innovate.


A major player in the CX environment, Five9 promises businesses reliable and high-quality communications for both employees and customers. The Five9 for Healthcare service is a custom-made portfolio for the health industry, combining HIPAA compliant video and audio with tools for chat, SMS, and even social media interactions.

Healthcare groups can use Five9’s technology to proactively connect with patients with appointment reminders, or offer call-backs when necessary. There’s also support for building powerful self-service solution with speech-based and visual virtual agents and IVRs.

Five9’s end-to-end technology makes it easier to simplify patient journeys across all channels, collect valuable information about users, and support employees in a complex workplace.


A leader in the helpdesk and self-service environment, Intercom has proven to be a powerful tool for virtually all industries in the digital-first world. Intercom’s “Healthcare” toolkit is custom-made to ensure health professionals can deliver personalised support to their patients.

The Intercom Healthcare environment allows business leaders to offer patients personalised round-the-clock support through self-service tools and knowledgebase articles. There’s live chat functionality for connecting with service providers. Plus, companies can set up automated systems for scheduling appointment sand solving patient queries.

Intercom’s solution supports secure messaging for every platform, across SMS, email, and integrated into your existing apps. There’s also access to powerful analytical tools for securely building patient profiles and developing meaningful insights.


Talkdesk goes above and beyond to deliver phenomenal experiences to healthcare brands. The company was responsible for building one of the first ever contact centre clouds based just for the healthcare space. The Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud delivers everything organisations need to ensure synchronised and personalised experiences for members, caregivers, and patients.

This all-in-one cloud solution comes pre-integrated with Electronic Health Systems, as well as access to provider-patient workflows. There’s also a pre-trained AI system to support healthcare vendors in delivering service as quickly as possible.

With Talkdesk, healthcare companies can transform their contact centres into a strategic resource for improving patient care through every channel. Users can set up virtual agents, track important information throughout the patient journey and more.


One of the most reputable communication brands in the world today, Avaya is a true market leader in both internal and external communications. Avaya’s OneCloud CCaaS solution provides healthcare companies with a secure and compliant environment for managing conversations across multiple digital and traditional channels.

Part of what makes Avaya’s technology so powerful is its flexibility. The CCaaS environment can integrate seamlessly with Avaya’s tools for unified communications and collaboration. This helps to align specialists in the backend of the healthcare environment, for better patient results.

Avaya’s solution also paves the way for CPaaS based customisation options, APIs, and integrations, so businesses can adapt their communication stack to suit their specific needs.


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