Top CX Vendors Majoring in Public Sector in 2022

Vendors Supporting Public Sector Groups in 2022

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Published: June 9, 2022

Rebekah Carter

As trust in public sector organisations continues to dwindle in a post-pandemic environment, governments and other groups need to make a change and fast. The best way for public sector entities to empower their teams, support their citizens, and drive meaningful community growth, is by investing in the right CX solutions. 

From workforce optimisation tools to keep public sector teams aligned in a hybrid workforce to CRM solutions for contextual insights and CCaaS for cloud-based communications, a host of tools are available to support modern groups. 

Today, we will be looking at just some of the top CX vendors making waves in the public sector environment for 2022. 

Content Guru

With innovative, flexible, and highly scalable tools like the “storm” cloud-based contact centre, Content Guru is helping all kinds of companies to thrive. In the public sector environment, Content Guru’s highly customisable cloud environments are perfect for groups that require a high level of security, functionality, and scalability. 

With Content Guru solutions like a storm, leaders in the nonprofit environment can develop bespoke dashboards for tracking essential user information and support team members as they work flexibly in a range of environments. What’s more, Content Guru ensures it’s easy for companies from all industries to transition into the cloud with flexible deployment and integration. 


As consumers look for more ways to communicate efficiently with public and private sector leaders, solutions like LiveChat have grown increasingly popular. Offering a convenient way for business leaders to connect with customers through a message-based environment, LiveChat empowers teams to serve users on a cost-effective and efficient channel. 

With LiveChat’s customisable environment, public sector groups can create the exact communication experience their users are looking for while maintaining high levels of security and compliance. Already, government groups worldwide have begun using LiveChat to assist their users in accessing help at speed. 


One of the top companies in today’s cloud landscape, RingCentral helps public sector organisations build a complete communication stack in the digital landscape. Users can access a budget-friendly, secure, and private way to engage customers, connect teams and enhance problem-solving. RingCentral provides an omnichannel environment for public sector groups looking to go digital for messaging, video, phone calls, and contact centre management.

You can access a complete CCaaS platform equipped with tools to contact your users across SMS, chat, email, and voice. Plus, integrations with UC solutions mean it’s possible to support your back-end workforce with collaboration tools. 


Calabrio, a leader in exceptional CX solutions, allows local government agencies and public sector organisations to unlock the full potential of their team. With Quality Management tools, Citizen Interaction analytics, and Workforce Management, Calabrio can offer an all-in-one environment for boosting efficiency and productivity. 

The Calabrio ecosystem integrates with a huge range of powerful tools already in use within the public sector and delivers an exceptional level of security and compliance. Whether you’re trying to support and empower a team working in the hybrid world, or you need to access in-depth insights into your users, Calabrio has you covered. 


Easily one of the most popular CRM solutions globally, Salesforce offers CX-boosting solutions from virtually every industry. The highly flexible, scalable, and customisable portfolio of tools provided by Salesforce for customer experience management is ideal for the public sector. Not only can you unify your insights into your customers across every channel, but you can access compliant insights and secure analytics too.

Salesforce’s government-friendly tools are handy for state and local groups needing a highly reliable and compliant environment for managing conversations. Salesforce is definitely paving the way for a future of better public sector CX with purpose-built solutions and exceptional user support. 


Designed to empower teams, improve insights, and help companies serve their clients across various channels, Freshworks has become a popular tool for digitally transforming CX. The Freshworks ecosystem is ideal for public sector entities, with a range of tools to choose from, including Freshdesk for service management and the delivery of omnichannel support. 

Elsewhere, Freshservice ensures you can access comprehensive IT service management and workforce optimisation. With an easy-to-use environment built for today’s distributed teams and insights offered via in-depth analytics, Freshworks could be the perfect addition to a public sector technology stack. 


Already serving many leading public sector organisations, Talkdesk is a clear innovator in the CX space. Committed to helping all kinds of companies accelerate their digital transformation strategies, Talkdesk turns CX into a competitive advantage. Regularly ranked as one of the top solutions for cloud contact centre and customer service tools, Talkdesk constantly produces new and enhanced features to support its clients further. 

Every year, Talkdesk releases a stream of new products, features, and integrations, perfect for an ever-evolving public sector company, trying to stay one step ahead of client demands. The company also offers phenomenal security and compliance features.


A leader in cloud-based customer service, Five9 delivers intelligent tools for public sector organisations looking to re-imagine the way they approach customer service. The intelligent cloud contact centre from Five9 makes it possible to find your clients and deliver service on their chosen channels while simultaneously streamlining operations and empowering your teams.

Five9 technology also comes with easy access to practical and powerful AI tools, automation, and flexible features built to assist public sector groups as they strive to adapt to the changing needs of their audience. 


With a host of tools to offer for public sector groups looking to gain a deeper insight into their customers, Genesys represents one of the leading vendors in the CX environment. With Genesys, companies can access text messaging, third-party messaging platforms, live chat, and other communication channels in the same place to proactively support citizens wherever they are.

With in-depth analytics and insights, Genesys also ensures anyone leveraging a Genesys environment for customer contact can collect valuable information about their audience. This allows for an intelligent approach to customer satisfaction. 



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