Top CX Vendors Majoring in Travel and Hospitality in 2022

Uncover the leading CX Vendors for travel and hospitality

Top CX Vendors Majoring in Travel and Hospitality in 2022
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Published: February 25, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Excellent customer experiences have always been a crucial component of running a successful travel and hospitality company. Since the pandemic emerged and companies in this industry have begun facing new challenges, companies have begun to demand more from CX vendors.

While there are many CX cloud vendors offering everything from digital contact centres to state-of-the-art helpdesks, some are more specially suited to the travel and hospitality sector than others. Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the most noteworthy leaders in this space to help you begin your search for a suitable CX investment.

Here are some of the top CX vendors majoring in travel and hospitality for 2022.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) represents one of the biggest cloud technology providers in the world. More than just a solution for cloud computing, AWS also provides comprehensive lists of cloud-based contact centres and UC tools. The AWS environment also specially caters to several industries, ranging from travel and hospitality to health and financial services.

Some of the world’s leading travel and hospitality companies are already building their unique customer experiences with AWS. The AWS brand supports names like, Airbnb, and even Hyatt hotels. With an ultra-flexible and easy-to-use CX environment, Amazon can appeal to all kinds of growing companies.


One of the world’s leading CRM software providers, Salesforce helps travel and hospitality companies to develop stronger relationships with their audience. The dedicated travel and hospitality team from Salesforce can help business leaders to create transformative experiences for their target audience. If you need help making the most of your technology, you can simply contact the Salesforce team and get step-by-step guidance.

Salesforce offers hospitality companies one of the most comprehensive customer relationship management and sales tracking solutions. What’s more, the technology is scalable to suit businesses of any size.


Ranked a “visionary” by the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for CRM and Customer Engagement, Freshdesk is a market leader in making guests feel special. The comprehensive customer service platform is suitable for businesses in all industries, including the travel and hospitality sectors. Customers can access everything from omnichannel conversations to increased loyalty opportunities with contextual engagement.

The Freshdesk ecosystem is also part of the Freshworks marketplace, where you can access a broader range of tools for things like collaboration, chat, and even appointment booking.


Designed to give clients unforgettable experiences in travel and hospitality, Front is an effective tool for customer engagement and service management. You can combine all of your communication into a single team inbox, so staff members in remote locations can work together on customer problems. There is the option to instantly triage messages and assign them to specific staff members, while you can collect positive reviews and testimonials.

Popular among brands like Travel Leaders, Anywhere, and Airbnb, Front is ideal for companies looking for an agile and scalable way to update their customer service strategy. You also get access to a comprehensive selection of collaboration tools so your employees can stay connected and aligned when dealing with customer queries.

Content Guru

Content Guru provides travel and hospitality brands with an all-in-one omnichannel customer service environment. Content Guru puts flexibility and scalability first for its audience, ensuring global brands and growing hospitality companies can continue to offer consistent experiences anywhere.

Access to additional tools like workforce management systems and intelligent IVR also means you can upgrade the performance of your business no matter how your brand changes. Content Guru makes it quick and easy to manage a hybrid or dispersed team of customer service professionals.

NICE InContact

NICE is one of the market leaders in Contact Centre as a Service technology today. The company offers state-of-the-art flexible communication features, leading security, and excellent uptime. You can combine all of the various touchpoints of your customer’s journey in one system and provide your employees with a more convenient way to manage conversations. The CXone solution empowers several leading travel and hospitality companies already.

Through CXOne, companies have access to a streamlined and efficient environment they can adapt to suit their needs. NICE InContact also offers a range of specialist services and support options to help companies make a start on digital transformation.


Genesys believes in giving companies the tools they need to drive excellent omnichannel experiences in any environment. This includes enabling travel and hospitality companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Genesys CCaaS solutions are wonderfully flexible, with a range of additional features available to explore, like artificial intelligence and virtual assistants or APIs for unique integrations.

Companies working with Genesys on transforming a travel and hospitality brand can access everything from automation to workforce engagement management in the same technology stack. There’s also the option to align your contact centre with your UCaaS technology.


One of the better-known companies in the communication landscape, Avaya has supported all kinds of hospitality and travel brands for many years. Avaya is committed to delivering forward-thinking experiences for its customers in a flexible cloud environment. You can set up the contact centre most suitable for your needs and integrate the tools you’re already using.

Avaya also offers a selection of combined UCaaS and CCaaS offerings, so you can align your backend environment and improve your chances of better relationships with customers. With excellent uptime and reliability, it’s hard to go wrong with Avaya.

Zoho Desk

Zoho’s extensive range of CRM and helpdesk features make it an excellent pick for companies from all industries, including tourism and hospitality. According to Zoho, the hospitality and travel sector can benefit from accessing an all-in-one environment in the cloud for managing all kinds of customer conversations and queries.

The Zoho desk technology is already in use with some of the top brands in the industry, such as Raynatours, Tugo, and Red Tag Travels. For ease-of-use and flexible features, Zoho Desk has a lot to offer.


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