Total Experience Automation: The Future Of Healthcare Services

Learn more about how Total Experience automation can help organizations keep their competitive edge

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Total Experience Automation: The Future Of Healthcare Services
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Published: July 14, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

According to the findings of a Gartner study, the main reasons for enterprises to drive digital transformation initiatives are to enhance customer experience (58%) and improve employee experience and productivity (57%).

Consequently, customer service and workforce management leaders need to take a closer look at Total Experience (TX) automation as an emerging strategy to retain and/or augment their competitive edge.

Until recently, superior customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) were pursued almost exclusively, typically through a siloed approach driven by different teams, goals, and data sets.

This practice will undergo a marked shift in the near future as enterprises focus on crafting a Total Experience strategy that unifies customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), agent experience (AX), and multi-experience (MX) to transform their business models.

What’s in it for Healthcare Services?

The healthcare industry is one of the largest adopters of AI and process automation as a whole. Since the pandemic began in 2020, the ensuing digital revolution has touched almost every industry but none more so than the healthcare space where scaling has rapidly become a necessity.

Social distancing measures instituted as a result of COVID-19 spurred healthcare providers to employ virtual care technology, ensuring empathetic remote connections with patients.

An interesting correlation was made between the rise in COVID-19 numbers and the deployment of dynamic virtual AI agents supporting CX and EX in healthcare, indicating a deliberate transformation within the industry.

AI-powered virtual assistants leverage technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and deep learning to support both patients and healthcare organizations.

When integrated with a Total Experience (TX) automation strategy, AI-driven chatbots address the needs of both customers and employees to drive sustainable and favourable business outcomes for all stakeholders. The composable framework of TX-led platforms like Google’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) package provides multiple solutions in one platform, allowing healthcare organizations to cater to industry-specific use cases.

TX Automation will help healthcare organizations:

  • Deliver seamless customer experience: Chatbots serve as handy sources of timely and reliable information and empower patients in their health management by scheduling new and follow-up appointments, processing prescription refill requests, and sending medication reminders. Care delivery for post-procedure patients is also optimized through intuitive interactions with chatbots that relay pertinent information to health practitioners to oversee the holistic recovery of their patients.
  • Empower employees to focus on care delivery: AI-powered virtual agents automate various mundane administrative tasks and help physicians mitigate burnout tendencies, manage their time better, and boost productivity. Employee virtual assistants ensure the smooth transition to in-person interactions by providing readily-accessible salient information and cutting down efforts spent on locating relevant information at critical times. The implementation of Total Experience (TX) functionalities lowers administrative costs and improves operational efficiency.
  • Assist agents with effective query resolution: Customer service agents are enabled with real-time support from Google’s CCAI suite during their calls and chats with insights and resources (FAQs and knowledge bases) to effectively resolve queries.

Selecting the Right TX Partner

Before choosing a TX automation partner, healthcare customer service and workforce management leaders must take a deeper look at the needs, expectations, and pain points of patients, physicians, employees, and agents.

The insights derived are instrumental in the formulation of a total experience strategy. The right TX automation partner will help healthcare providers implement their TX strategy and provide industry-specific solutions and insights.

Quantiphi, a launch partner for the CCAI platform, is all set to escort healthcare organizations on a transformative journey toward TX. With over 400+ conversational AI professionals who have worked on more than 200+ engagements, their in-house expertise empowers them to engineer a platform that helps design, develop, deploy and manage end-to-end total experience transformation solutions.

Reach out to Quantiphi experts to understand ways to incorporate a total experience strategy for your healthcare business.


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