Twilio – WhatsApp Partnership to Enhance Developer Experience

Moshe Beauford

New capabilities and features are also here thanks to an updated agreement

Twilio – WhatsApp Partnership to Enhance Developer Experience

Twilio already has a robust set of messaging APIs for those in North America who rely on the use of SMS. For those everywhere else in the world, Twilio has put its resources in WhatsApp – a platform that millions around the globe leverage to message businesses, friends, family, etc.

Its current programmable messaging API enables fast and secure messaging as well as integrations with WhatsApp and other communications channels like SMS and MMS. It even fosters omni-channel experiences via the CPaaS company’s conversation API. Simon Khalaf, GM of Twilio Messaging, said in a statement to CX Today:

“Today, we are expanding our partnership with WhatsApp, doubling down on our commitment to WhatsApp as a key channel across the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform”

Simon Khalaf

Simon Khalaf

WhatsApp is one of Twilio’s largest partners, and it connects the organization’s millions of developers with billions of WhatsApp users using a few lines of code. “It is critical that we enable developers to send WhatsApp messages and to do so fast, something we want to achieve with our integration with the new WhatsApp onboarding beta.”

With the feature, now out in beta, developers can send messages from their account in about five minutes. Over the next year, Twilio said it would further partner with WhatsApp to ensure developers could deploy these solutions even quicker. “We also want to make onboarding as frictionless as provisioning a phone number to send an SMS on Twilio,” Khalaf said.

According to WhatsApp, a company owned and operated by Facebook – messaging is fast becoming the way people prefer to chat with businesses. Today, more than 175 million people message a business on WhatsApp daily. “It as an effective way to answer questions and to give customers support,” according to Matt Idema, Chief Operating Officer, WhatsApp.

The two companies say the renewed partnership is about enhancing the developer experience. Onboarding is another of the central themes surrounding the partnership – and developers can also now use WhatsApp to send requested notifications with the Programmable Messaging API. They can even fuel cross-channel conversations with the Conversations API. Within minutes, developers can launch an app with the use of chatbot templates in Twilio Studio or via the Twilio CLI. According to Khalaf:

“Developers can also track approvals of Message Templates in Console as well as delivery and read status in Messaging Insights”

The duo said as a part of the partnership, Twilio will leverage WhatsApp’s internal team of specialists to support conversational messaging applications globally. This includes markets like Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Africa, where they said users expect businesses to be on WhatsApp. “These specialists bring expertise and best practices to our customers around the world,” I’m told.

It seems like the partnership will be fruitful for both WhatsApp and Twilio. It also seems as if customers will reap some of the many benefits of using the platform to enhance CX. Developers should also enjoy the offering and expanded partnership, making the deal a win, win, win, so to speak.


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