Unlocking AI-Enabled Empathy in the Contact Centre

Sandra Radlovački

Netsapiens introduces a sentiment analysis feature to transform contact centre empathy

Unlocking AI-Enabled Empathy in the Contact Centre

Empathy analysis conducted using artificial intelligence allows organisations to identify different sentiments present in a phone call. Such technology may unlock the future of business communications, as it not only boosts productivity but contributes to more meaningful customer interactions.

Yet, before delving deep into the technology, let’s consider how empathy can enhance customer conversations.

The Role of Empathy in Contact Centre Conversations

Empathy helps to meet the emotional needs of customers. As such, it can significantly influence the outcome of interactions. Typically, contact centres coach empathy statements to achieve this aim. Yet, it’s crucial to make a few considerations beforehand.

Is the customer angry, impatient, or perhaps even vulnerable? Getting to grips with this and using empathy appropriately will make or break the conversation. With such emotional intelligence, agents can use phrases such as: “I understand your frustration,” or: “I get why this is a problem for you,” to soften the tone of the call and build rapport.

The pitch of an agent’s voice is also mission-critical. Empathy statements lose their value if the agent sounds bored, disinterested, or fed up. To counteract this, coach agents to lower and raise their pitch according to the situation. A high-pitch voice signals tension and nervousness, while a low-pitch voice often represents strength and calmness. By keeping the pitch of their voice low (but not monotone!) agents can create customer trust with little hassle.

Also, consider how tone impacts empathy. Of course, word choice is the number one tool for building empathy, but establishing a welcoming tone comes in a close second.

Lastly, speaking at different speeds throughout the conversation allows the agent to emphasise critical points within the conversation. It also keeps the listener engaged.

Here is Where Sentiment Analysis Comes In

In the latest version release of its SNAPsolution platform, Netsapiens introduced Call Transcription and Sentiment Analysis, tools that help users better analyse phone calls. Working in harmony, they parse call recordings, transcribe them, and deliver conversational insights. 

The new feature allows users to analyse each word and flag it with different colours. They can then see the historical context of a call and decide if the agent interacted with the customer empathetically. 

To do so, the tool transforms spoken words into text. At this point, it compares transcripts to a comprehensive list of words ranked by Google and Amazon to infer emotion. Going further, sentiment analysis also uses algorithms to catch information beyond the spoken word. For this, the tool uses Amazon services and AI, adding context to the conversation. 

Previously embedded into a range of contact centre products, NetSapiens offers this advanced feature at a low price point. Charging just a few cents per minute of recording, clients can cut costs while increasing usage. 

Empathy analysis can improve sales, customer support and user experience. It may also boost productivity and agent engagement. Companies that implement empathy analysis are highly likely to benefit from such advancements in artificial intelligence. 



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