VoIPstudio Announces Zoho Integration

Moshe Beauford

Its latest integration extends the use of call analytics and more

VoIPstudio Announces Zoho Integration

VoIPstudio is on a quest, a journey Marketing Director Rob Seymour first shared with me when I started covering its professional-grade VoIP phone services for SMB this year. The SMB Cloud phone system consists of features driven by customer feedback. This year alone, VoIPstudio launched updated wallboard technology at the Call and Contact Center Expo in London. VoIPstudio developers also launched its services in the Spanish and German markets, extending full local language support. This catapulted VoIPstudio into two sizable markets with fresh business prospects.

The SMB VoIP provider even scaled up its Cloud telephony offering by creating a WebRTC integration that gave VoIPstudio users the ability to make Cloud calls directly from Chrome and announced a suite of collaboration tools. This time around, they took on Zoho. The popular CRM platform has 37 million active users and rising, yet another strategic move.

VoIPstudio Introduces Zoho Integration

As it stands, Zoho integrates with seven or eight telecom applications, including call management service providers like RingCentral and Twilio, although this is slim when compared to Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce which both have countless Cloud telephony integrations. Those who do integrate with Zoho, undergo a rigorous process of testing to ensure bug-free integrations once released, demonstrating a high level of commitment to CX and UX by Zoho, to which Seymour shared:

“Zoho wants to be 100 percent sure that everything is fit-to-purpose upon release”

With its new Zoho integration, VoIPstudio set out to solve an annoying problem for SMBs with contact centers, sales teams, HR departments, etc. VoIPstudio users who leverage the CRM power of Zoho no longer have to consider which app to use to make and receive business calls. They can now use the VoIPstudio-Zoho integration to access call recordings, analytics, and add call records to Zoho’s CRM platform.

What’s Next for VoIPstudio?

Cloud collaboration tools are only beginning to bud, as one Global Cloud Cloud Collaboration Market Report pointed out. According to the report, the Cloud collaboration market is worth $26 billion and expected to reach a CAGR of 13.42 percent by 2024.

Seymour said VoIPstudio plans to see more positive impacts on business thanks to its customer-driven feature releases. They have more in-store, according to Seymour, who shared they’ll soon launch Office 365 and G Suite integrations. When you consider that Office 365 has 180 million active monthly users, and G Suite’s five million paying business users – VoIPstudio’s customer-centric approach is even smarter.

Future Market Insights predicts, that by 2020, the VoIP market should reach $205 billion in revenue, leaving a sizeable slice of SMB pie for VoIPstudio to capitalize on. They shouldn’t have a difficult time gaining momentum in a space slated for such growth, especially with the agility and competitive pricing they bring to the table. This leaves a clear path to SMB Cloud telephony dominance as VoIPstudio increases its global presence, one customer-inspired feature at a time.


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