Voximplant Announces New Smartcalls Update

Rebekah Carter

Introducing SIP integration and Google Dialogflow for Smartcalls

Voximplant Announces New Smartcalls Update

Leading cloud platform provider for communication solutions, Voximplant, recently announced updates to their state-of-the-art Smartcalls service. Today, users will be able to choose from a range of affordable plants to help them access their new functionality, as well as integrating with an existing SIP.

As part of the update, Voximplant is also offering the option to enrol in the beta program for Dialogflow from Google, and Smartcalls engagement. This modern solution promises to enrich conversations with exceptional IVR strategies. Dialogflow is one of the most advanced options for automating communication between businesses and customers. Voicebots created with this platform can communicate with users in natural language, while analysing the unique context of discussions for a more intelligent response. Smartcalls users can also use the capabilities of the knowledgeable agent to create more complex IVR solutions to enhance their user service.

Transforming Intelligent Customer Service

Alexey Ailarov

Alexey Aylarov

According to the CEO and co-founder of Voximplant, Alexey Aylarov, the primary purpose of the platform is to provide users with advanced voice technologies. The company wants to offer the perfect combination of functionality and simplicity. Integration between the Dialogflow agent environment and Smartcalls will make setting complex IVRs up easier for everyone.

Dialogflow has the potential to handle problems with a range of complexity levels, and it can be trained with various simple actions to support the staff in contact centres and create extensive advanced voicebot scenarios. Users don’t require programming skills to use the Smartcalls script editor or Dialogflow. All Smartcalls users can now opt-in to the beta testing stage of the progamme.

Integrations with SIP platforms is also now available as part of the Voximplant experience. The new version of Smartcalls allows users to make and receive calls using their existing SIP accounts. Additionally, implementing this option should be no different from adding any other component to a SmartCall’s scenario.

New Business Plans for Smartcalls

To help more customers take advantage of Smartcalls, Voximplant has also created new plans to suit businesses of different sizes. Each plan comes with its own unique selection of mentoring and support benefits, and packages differ according to the volume of monthly consumption and minutes use. There’s also a small onboarding fee.

So customers can more easily choose the plan that’s right for them, each description indicates the kind of customer base that the service would suit best. There’s also an insight into the call frequency for each package and the objectives that may be achieved for customer communications with that plan.

According to Alexey Aylarov, Voximplant want to make Smartcalls a convenient option for as many users as possible. The new range of plans ensures that people who use the service can save on costs wherever possible. Additionally, Alexey noted that Voximplant didn’t forget about companies that don’t have huge volumes of calls, as they have retained their pay-as-you-go plan too.


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