What Is the ROI of Workforce Engagement Software for My Contact Center?

With this value realization toolkit, contact centers can more accurately estimate the ROI WEM software will generate for their business

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What Is the ROI of Workforce Engagement Software for My Contact Center - CX Today News
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Published: September 12, 2023

Zen Bahar

Contact centers recognize the need to evolve. But when budgets are tight and time is short, leaders require extra assurances that new technology will deliver a substantial return on investment. 

Every CX tech vendor has recognized this trend, even the likes of Salesforce. Indeed, CEO Marc Benioff recently noted:  

“Nearly everyone I’ve talked to is taking a more measured approach to their business.” 

Calabrio – a workforce engagement management (WEM) tech leader – is another vendor that has recognized this trend and taken drastic action. 

Wishing to fill prospective customer confidence to the brim, the WEM provider has put together a comprehensive Value Realization Toolkit 

According to Dave Hoekstra, Product Evangelist at Calabrio, this “simplifies the buying process and solves the problem many contact centers face today—the problem of too much to do with too little time.” Let’s delve deeper.  

The Value Realization Toolkit 

There are six stages to the Value Realisation Toolkit, each specially designed to simplify the decision-making and buying process.  

It includes how-to guides, ROI calculators, cost predictions, and real-world examples of the solution at work – saving decision-makers time and money.   

With tried-and-tested methods from their customers – who range from Netflix and Dyson to Standard Bank and Capital One – Calabrio’s Hoekstra believes success depends on a three-point methodology: 

  1. Evaluating costs 
  2. Influencing the decision-makers across your organization 
  3. Asking customers the right questions 

The assets in the Value Realization Toolkit aim to help businesses meet these objectives quickly, simply, and effectively.  

Stage One 

ROI Calculators 

Use Calabrio’s calculators to estimate how much money you could save when you switch to Calibrio ONE.  

In stage one, the Calabrio ONE Calculator can show businesses how much they can save each month by leveraging the Calabrio ONE suite to turn challenges into competitive advantages and deliver powerful value.   

Stage Two 

Build Your Business Case – A How-to-Guide 

Learn how to influence decision-makers within your organization to kickstart your tech transformation.  

Stage two helps contact centers kickstart transformation by empowering stakeholders for change and building an outcome-centric, evidence-based business case. As Hoekstra puts it:  

“Success starts with a strong business case that appeals to a broad range of people, especially for complex organizations or contact centers that aim to be cutting-edge, putting CX and Employee Experience (EX) at the heart of everything.”

Stage Three 

Customer Reference Call Checklist 

Use simple templates to guide a successful reference call and establish expectations.  

Sometimes the biggest barrier to change is lack of time. Lack of time to think through a list comprehensively, write it out, or double check with another subject matter expert. At stage three, decision-makers can use simple Calabrio templates and discover what to expect from a WFO/WEM solution to gain maximum ROI.  

A Toolkit Designed to See You Through  

The final steps of the six-stage Value Realization Kit help contact centers remediate, recompense, and evaluate.  

These include a “What’s Next?” eBook detailing how to make the most of new technology now and in the future, a KPI Impact Infographic, and an Analyst and Peer Review Guide.  

The KPI Infographic provides contact centers with a reference guide on how similar customers have turned critical business challenges into competitive advantages.  

Likewise, the Analyst and Peer Review Guide provides decision-makers with a meaningful, quantifiable resource on why and how Calabrio can accelerate innovation.  

Calabrio provides contact centers with a start-to-finish guide on digital transformation, offering value and impact projections for the short and long term. 

Business leaders can explore the Calabrio Value Realization Toolkit in depth here—with access to all assets in one foul swoop.  

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