Who Leads the CCaaS Space? ISG Reveals Its Findings

Odigo joins NICE, Genesys, and Five9 at the forefront of the CCaaS market

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Who Leads the CCaaS Space? ISG Reveals Its Findings
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Last Edited: January 13, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Many point to the pandemic as the launchpad for rapid CCaaS adoption, offering greater accessibility and paving the way for today’s hybrid working environments.

Yet, CCaaS migrations continue to soar, with the market expected to double in size by 2027.

The rocket fuel keeping the CCaaS ship on this course – despite the current macro-environment – is made up of many elements.

Easier integrations, increased scalability, and an alternative to often expensive licensing are all significant motivations for contact center leaders to kickstart their cloud journey.

The terrific pace of updates, enhancements, and new features released by prominent CCaaS vendors is also alluring for organizations that view customer experience as a differentiator.

Yet, in such a fast-paced market – filled with talk of AI, new channels, and connectivity – it is often tricky to navigate the vendor mix.

Enter the ISG Provider Lens CCaaS 2022 report, a study that compares the strengths of various CCaaS vendors, isolating what sets market leaders apart.

Here are some of its most striking findings.

Inspecting the CCaaS Leaders

In its report, ISG assessed 44 CCaaS providers, with 21 qualifying for inclusion within the study and just eight crowned as market leaders.

To qualify these eight leaders, ISG’s analysts followed a seven-step process. This included surveying the various vendors, assessing service documentation and figures received from several sources, and mapping them against several criteria.

Such criteria included:

  • Strategy and vision
  • Tech innovation
  • Brand awareness and presence in the market
  • Sales and partner landscape
  • Breadth and depth of portfolio of services offered
  • CX and recommendation

After, ISG put together the following quadrant, which includes almost every stalwart CCaaS vendor.

CCaaS Graphic

Commenting on the results, Kenn Walters, CEO of Globus Consulting, stated:

“This quadrant assesses the providers of CCaaS that deliver advanced platforms and solutions to enable innovative customer experience and the associated business benefits expected in the market.”

The leader quadrant is full of the most familiar names in the CCaaS space.

Yet, ISG reserved much praise for Odigo, which works with many European enterprises and is now starting to seep into North America.

As it becomes a more prolific player across the pond, it is perhaps worth inspecting its most notable strengths for those businesses whittling down their list of CCaaS partners.

Odigo: Making Its Mark In CCaaS

Unlike many of its competitors – including NICE, Genesys, and Five9 – Odigo makes its CCaaS solution available across both private and public clouds.

As a result, large enterprises that wish to work in hybrid environments and have more complex deployment requirements frequently favor Odigo.

Indeed, ISG notes that the vendor “provides unique benefits for large enterprises.” These include heightened scalability, deep integrations with the likes of Salesforce, and automation.

Alluding to the latter, Walters summarizes:

“Odigo’s cloud platform is highly AI-driven, enabling better customer and employee experience.”

The AI-driven platform comes with an extensive toolset and methodologies to smooth deployments, a consumption-based pricing model, and a team with considerable expertise in AI and NLP.

ISG recognizes this while pinpointing Odigo’s Customer eXperience (CX) Studio and Qualification Center, alongside its SaaS-based suite of products, as additional strengths.

The CX Studio offers a “graphical environment” for journey orchestration, and its Qualification Center allows clients to configure, deploy, and optimize their natural language-based strategies autonomously.

Finally, within its appraisal of Odigo’s SaaS-based suite of products, ISG commends the Odigo Concierge. The virtual agent evaluates customer intent, needs, and sentiments to offer self-service responses or clear-cut escalation routes.

Alongside all these capabilities, ISG states that Odigo “has a strong, defined roadmap for scaling its product globally.”

Such a roadmap will prove invaluable as the vendor builds on its lengthy client roster, quickly expanding beyond Europe’s borders.

Choosing a CCaaS Vendor In 2023

Analyst reports, such as the ISG Provider Lens, offer excellent insight into the current CCaaS landscape. Yet, businesses must evaluate migration partners against their unique requirements.

Such a process is often tricky, especially as the increasing vendor competition within the CCaaS space has resulted in trickier customer choices.

A good starting point is assessing which cloud solution – public, private, or hybrid – best aligns with business needs. Doing so may narrow the field of CCaaS candidates.

Then, consider which CRM and UCaaS vendors the business already works with. This consideration is particularly crucial, as companies often want deep contact center integrations with these solutions.

Integration support for other enterprise technologies – including ITSM software, BI tools, and conversational AI – is also often essential.

In addition, think about the relevance of the contact center within the broader organization. While some may simply require added contact center functionality to UCaaS, those that view service as mission-critical should prioritize a pure-play CCaaS vendor.

Support for many customer engagement channels, system scalability, and an intuitive user interface (UI) are also areas for businesses to explore. Meanwhile, support services that meet language requirements of operations across the globe are often important.

Finally, consider the customization needs of the business. If developers wish to tailor much of the solution themselves, a CCaaS vendor with close CPaaS ties is likely ideal.

While there is much food for thought here, downloading the ISG Provider Lens – and similar industry tools – may help businesses mull over these considerations and put together their shortlist.

To find out if Odigo’s CCaaS platform fits on your list, you can also visit Odigo.



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