Launches Momentum Conversation CRM Tool

William Smith says its new product helps bring the voice of the customer into the CRM

Channel News Launches Momentum Conversation CRM Tool

San Francisco, California-based conversation intelligence platform has launched a new native Salesforce experience called Momentum. 

The offering integrates omnichannel interactions such as emails, calls and video meetings and highlights key moments across the history of a relationship. Using artificial intelligence, Momentum is able to identify and recommend actions within deals based on direct conversation data. 

“The CRM as we know it has changed with the launch of Momentum,” said Dominik Facher, VP of Product and Engineering at “Bringing the voice of the customer to the CRM has always been a challenge and something that has always been missing. Momentum delivers that customer context in the form of conversations, messages and any type of interaction that revenue teams have with their clients. It goes so far as to literally bring the customer’s voice from actual calls or video meetings via a native video player viewable in your client account in the CRM.” 

Acting on Concrete Data 

The company gave an example of the trends its technology can perceive and recommend actions on, including the fact that in the later stages of a deal, won deals include fewer competitor mentions than lost deals – and that pricing is 10% more likely to be discussed in the early stages of a won deal vs a lost one. 

“With Momentum, this is the first time that I can rely on timely and accurate data to see where there are potential roadblocks to a deal closing without depending on anecdotal evidence,” said Michaela Downs, Head of Sales Operations at Benchling, a customer of “When doing deal reviews and pipeline forecasts, I need to feel confident that I’m accurately projecting our closed-won opportunities. Chorus has been a game changer for me and enables me to confidently position my work to all of our executive leadership.” 

Thanks to integrations with the CRM, emails, calls and video meeting interactions can be accessed from within the platform, with Momentum’s analytics capabilities available in a single centralised location. 

“Momentum is the culmination of years of work to solve a fundamental problem for Revenue leaders – the ability to make smart decisions based on the limited relationship context available in the CRM,” said Jim Benton, CEO of “We’re excited to put the R back in the CRM by harnessing relationship insights from real customer interactions across the entire buyer’s journey. Momentum leverages the voice of the customer to know where deals stand and project where they are headed so leaders can forecast accurately and impact deal outcomes.” 

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