CloudShare Announces Salesforce Integration

Salesforce users may custom-design new virtual training and sales tools quickly

CloudShare Announces Salesforce Integration
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Published: February 22, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

CloudShare has integrated with Salesforce to bring its solution to a broader audience.

The solution offers users the building blocks to quickly create virtual training courses, sales demos, and proof of concepts (POC).

Salesforce users may design and harness such solutions to enhance employee performance, engage in better conversations with prospects, and improve sales conversions.

Focusing on the opportunities for sales teams, Dr Zvi Guterman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Cloudshare, says:

The Salesforce integration is a direct result of customer demand as we learned that using multiple systems made the whole sales process inefficient. This integration will transform how sales reps manage end-to-end interactions with their prospects and customers.

One of these disparate systems that led to inefficient sales experiences is video conferencing. While such a tool offers face-to-face time and helps build relationships with prospects, it often provides too passive of an experience.

Gartner research supports this, reporting that 77% of B2B companies believe their latest purchase was complex.

Yet, Guterman believes the new integration will help turn the tide, as Salesforce clients can design better end-to-end sales experiences. He continues:

It will not only save sales teams’ time and optimize their productivity but will help them to drive customer acquisition and retention, which will ultimately impact the bottom line.

However, the focus for Cloudshare is not only sales. By enabling users to create courses in the cloud quickly, Salesforce clients may also better support their service teams.

Providing eLearning capabilities, Cloudshare aims to bridge the gap between real-world and face-to-face learning, supporting hybrid contact centre agents to deliver better customer experiences.

Each solution may then integrate into Salesforce CRM and cloud computing software to further enable the desired experience.

Users can access the Salesforce integration directly in CloudShare at the bottom of the navigation panel to learn more about how it works.



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