Content Guru: The Importance of an Effective CRM 

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Content Guru’s Martin Taylor discusses the importance of an integrated CRM for the contact centre 

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Content Guru: The Importance of an Effective CRM 

The ever-increasing rate of data creation has been both a blessing and a curse for businesses. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created by human beings daily according to Domo, the challenge is to sort the wheat from the chaff. In the customer experience space, that means bringing data together to create a 360-degree view of the customer – an endeavour that customer relationship management (CRM) software makes achievable. 

To find out more, CX Today welcomes Martin Taylor of cloud communications technology provider Content Guru to discuss the importance of an integrated CRM for the contact centre. 

A Customer Knowledge System 

Content Guru’s storm® Customer Knowledge System (CKS®) serves as a data mediation layer, bringing together different systems of record (including WFO and ERP as well as CRM) into a single accessible interface. The aim is to provide an omni-directional view of the customer that shares data securely between the front and back office, enabling personalized customer service experiences regardless of the communications channels involved. 

storm CKS converges cost-effective CRM, Case Management and Ticketing capabilities into a single environment, creating consistency across all of your data and delivering a 360-degree view of an organisation’s customers,” says Taylor. CKS pulls information from multiple distinct sources and from every channel of communication and delivers a fully unified desktop experience for increased data completeness, accuracy, efficiency, personalisation and customer engagement.” 

The imperative behind making customer data more accessible and connected has only grown thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “In a post-pandemic world where employees are distributed and customer loyalty is essential for the success of any public or private sector business, leveraging data rapidly and securely is key,” says Taylor. “To do this, an organisation needs to implement a highly efficient CRM system, which unifies its data sources to give externally-facing employees the information they need to deliver personalised experiences.”   

CKS in Practice 

Case in point is the Content Guru-designed CareCliq solution for care homes, which enables the creation and sharing of care information in real-time with multiple on-site and remote stakeholders – helping efforts to protect vulnerable care home residents and staff from COVID-19 and drive up standards of connected care. 

CareCliq was created to overcome the presence of multiple legacy systems in many care homes and help in their digital transformations. “Most care homes in the UK use multiple mechanisms to record information about residents, with 45% of care homes relying on paper-based records,” says Taylor.  

“The remainder of homes have low levels of digitisation which leads to fragmentation of information. Due to part-time shift working patterns, important information can often be lost between handovers. The dangers of COVID-19 in the care home environment highlighted the immediate need to digitize patient data in care homes and ensure that mission-critical information is easily accessible to carers, doctors, nurses and families alike while remaining highly secure.” 

As care home patient information is sensitive and requires secure handling, CareCliq uses Content Guru’s CKS to store information for different care homes securely and separately. At the same time, relevant clinicians can access information for multiple care homes across the system, ensuring that only appropriate stakeholders ever have access to residents’ data. 

Such examples demonstrate that for businesses seeking to maximise their data usage, implementing systems that unify data sources and provide more holistic views of individuals are a must.  

To find out more about Content Guru’s integrated CRM for the contact centre, go here. 



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