Enters the Sales CRM Space

The solution allows users to manage the sales cycle in one place

2 Enters the Sales CRM Space
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Published: August 2, 2022

Charlie Mitchell has launched the monday sales CRM, a solution designed to centralize customer data and supercharge sales processes.

How? Primarily through each of the following features:

  • Sales Automation – Automating tedious, manual tasks to complete deals faster.
  • Email Synchronization – Logging all sent mail across Gmail and Outlook.
  • Email Tracking – Notifying relevant personnel when a lead opens or emails come through, enabling timely follow-up.
  • Goal Monitoring – Viewing individual and team progression towards objectives through a portal that tracks customer wins.
  • Post Sales Management – Managing post-sales processes – such as onboarding and collection tracking – in a central location.
  • Sales Recruitment – Supplementing the hiring process with planning and fast-tracking features while monitoring the performance of new hires.

Users may also customize the solution to best support how their team works.

Yet, despite all these features, it seems that aims to primarily position its CRM as a “comprehensive database for the entire customer journey.”

As Ron Kimhi, monday sales CRM Product Lead at, stated:

We’re building a CRM that is fast, flexible and breaks down departmental silos to connect teams across entire organizations, which increases efficiency and results.

“Our new approach to CRM is unified but also very easy to use, ensuring a seamless journey from prospect to customer and beyond, optimizing daily teamwork, team satisfaction, and success.”

To create such a journey, the monday sales CRM builds an account for customer onboarding as soon as the sales team wins a deal.

Capturing all data linked with the client, departments from across the enterprise can access this account – as there is no dedicated administrator.

Various teams can then add information to the account, while companies can also transfer data from other systems via integrations to create a unified customer view.

To enable this, monday sales CRM offers simple integrations with hundreds of apps and services. These include Salesforce, Hubspot, and Slack.

As a result, sales can easily connect with finance, legal, customer service, marketing and many more departments, enjoying a holistic customer view that inspires company-wide collaboration.

Moreover, like many modern CRM systems, the solution offers a low-code/no-code framework to ensure speedy deployment and make the software easy to interact with.

Already offering a leading project management solution, this move suggests that is ready to become more platform orientated.

So, expect more announcements in the coming months as this CRM solution promises to be the first of five new product solutions built by

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