Plannuh Marketing Platform Debuts Salesforce Integration

William Smith

Plannuh said Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration would help customers track marketing campaigns

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Plannuh Marketing Platform Debuts Salesforce Integration

Cloud marketing platform Plannuh has announced new integration with CRM leader Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. 

Plannuh’s offering allows marketers to accurately track marketing spend and analyse marketing campaigns for their effectiveness and marketing impact.  

The company said the partnership with Salesforce would introduce Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaign metrics such as transaction data to the platform, allowing for cost-per-outcome, return on investment and lifetime value insights. 

“Plannuh provides the entire marketing team, especially CMOs and marketing operations professionals, with a collaborative application that is purpose-built for proving and improving the business value of their marketing,” said Peter Mahoney, founder and chief executive officer of Plannuh 

“We are excited to offer the Plannuh integration for Salesforce CRM customers who are looking to streamline the way marketers create and execute plans, manage budgets and track performance.” 

Features enabled by the integration include: 

  • Improved decision making via more accurate business value calculations 
  • Swifter insights into top- and bottom-performing campaigns allowing for changes in focus 
  • Plug-and-play integration between the two platforms 

The news came alongside a number of other announcements, including a listing in the HubSpot App Marketplace – a repository of independent vendors integrated with HubSpot. 

“Plannuh has numerous customers that use HubSpot for executing digital campaigns, so we are excited about the integration knowing it will help our customers more accurately prove and improve the value of their marketing,” said Peter Mahoney. 

Plannuh also said it was launching its own Plannuh Market Partner Community as a centralised location for knowledge and technology useful to marketers. It said it was offering three types of partnership opportunities including Referral Partner, Reseller and Technology Partner. 

“Building, executing and continually improving the performance of marketing plans is the backbone of all marketing,” said Peter Mahoney. “With the launch of the Plannuh Market Partner Community, we aim to be the hub of marketing expertise and technology for delivering marketing operational excellence.” 



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