Proof Analytics, Salesforce Partner on Revenue Optimisation

William Smith

The Proof BusinessGPS for RevOps platform allows teams to deploy, analyse and update campaigns

Proof Analytics, Salesforce Partner on Revenue Optimisation

CRM leader Salesforce and marketing and sales optimisation platform Proof Analytics have announced the launch of a new revenue optimisation analytics platform.

Proof BusinessGPS for RevOps helps revenue operations teams to deploy and adjust analytics models in order to better understand the performance of a given campaign, allowing them to change factors in light of marketplace conditions and the actions of competitors.

Proof’s chief revenue officer Tim Colby said: “The math necessary to do advanced multivariable analysis has been around for a long time, and yet companies still struggle to make it a regular part of their decision-making. The reason is that human-powered data science is too slow, too hard to scale, even harder for business leaders to understand, and too expensive. In contrast, Proof BusinessGPS delivers fast, scalable, accurate analytics as a SaaS solution with simple, clear pricing”.

The solution allows companies to mobilise data in Realtime from diverse data sources.

Kyle Brantley, Proof’s co-founder and chief product officer, said: “The ability to understand and optimise revenue operations is all about mobilising the right data and feeding it into Proof, enabling very fast updates that show you reality versus what was predicted, all in real time. Customers need this help, and Proof is leaving no stone unturned with regard to integrating data into Proof BusinessGPS on Salesforce from virtually any data source. Proof’s Exchange integrations with Datorama and Tableau – and soon with Slack — mean that customers can instantly and automatically download even more relevant data into Proof in seconds and then collaborate effectively on the analytics.”

Proof’s offering is available on the Salesforce AppExchange, integrating with the Salesforce Cloud suite.

“Many companies struggle to get a firm grip on what’s driving revenue because their marketing, sales, support, services, customer experience, and marketplace data are not plugged into analytics that deliver fast, accurate answers,” said Salesforce product management leader Leonardo Carbonara.

“A strategic OEM partner of Salesforce, Proof solved this problem by delivering a highly scalable, analytics-led blueprint that helps revenue operations (“rev ops”), sales, finance and marketing teams to work together to analyse and optimise all of these factors on a continuous basis.”

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