SAP Embeds Generative AI Across Its Customer Experience Suite

New features automate tasks, spotlight insights, and deliver personalized customer experiences

SAP Embeds Generative AI Across Its Customer Experience Suite
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Published: October 25, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

SAP has paved its CX portfolio with generative AI (GenAI), adding several capabilities for service, sales, marketing, and commerce teams.

Announced at SAP Customer Experience LIVE, these aim to support each function in streamlining workflows, generating new insights, and leveraging cross-function data.

As an excellent example of the latter, consider one new use case that starts with the SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP).

The platform combines data from across business SAP’s CX Clouds and other business applications to create customer profiles.

GenAI then scans these profiles to produce a summary that matches the context of a customer’s query when they next contact support.

For instance, perhaps the customer has reported a delayed delivery. In this scenario, an agent then receives a summary with information most relevant to the query – such as their order history, recent interactions, and preferences.

With this capability, SAP suggests that service teams can “quickly resolve issues and provide a better customer experience.”

Across digital channels, SAP goes further with another new GenAI capability. This uses that data and knowledge content to automatically craft customer responses for agents to review, edit, and send.

That use case – also available on SAP Sales Cloud – is excellent for repetitive contact reasons. Yet, the contextual customer profile summaries are most likely to drive value when handling more challenging queries.

Excited by this potential – and that of the other solutions – Ritu Bhargava, President and Chief Product Officer, SAP Industries & CX, stated:

These new AI capabilities within the SAP CX portfolio will allow businesses to unlock their full potential, improve customer loyalty, solidify themselves as industry leaders, and reap the benefits of generative AI with intelligent CX solutions that have a tangible impact on businesses.

“These capabilities are the next step in redefining intelligence to deliver a delightful customer experience, effortlessly,” he concluded.

Yet, out of all these new GenAI innovations for CX (as highlighted below), why start with the contextual customer profile and auto-generating customer responses?

Because it allows SAP to flaunt its CX differentiator: its data management expertise.

After all, as SAP can leverage source data – alongside experience data – it can often spotlight more integral information for finding resolutions.

SAP’s Other GenAI Announcements

Starting with customer service, SAP has released additional GenAI capabilities to automate ticket tagging, call summarization, and sentiment tracking.

Marketing teams may also leverage that sentiment data to inform customer retention activities and campaigns designed to build on positive relationships.

Moreover, they may utilize GenAI to segment customers via natural language prompts and create more compelling customer communications.

According to SAP, these tools will help marketing teams deliver “the right message to the right audience.”

Then, there are two GenAI use cases available to commerce teams. The first reviews catalogs and tags to ensure high product visibility. Meanwhile, the second generates customizable product descriptions to accelerate catalog entries.

Finally, SAP released new authentication capabilities for its Customer Identity and Access Management suite. These aim to fortify customer identity and access management with AI.

Yet, despite all these flashy new GenAI capabilities, Alan Webber, Program Vice President of Digital Platform Ecosystems at IDC, believes SAP’s data engine is most impressive.

“SAP’s approach to connecting data across the enterprise, both in SAP systems and beyond, provides a foundation customers can build on for the long-term,” he said.

Furthermore, SAP’s decade-long experience designing business processes from AI can be leveraged to reduce AI’s time to value.

These business processes often cross functions, and when SAP starts to pull GenAI into the cross-platform workflows it’s building – which connect CX with the broader enterprise – expect its use cases to become much more innovative.

To catch up on SAP’s mission to connect CX and the wider enterprise, read our article: What On Earth Is SAP Trying to Achieve In Customer Experience?


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