A Guide to Customer Journey Analytics In 2023

The science of evaluating customer behavior across touchpoints

A Guide to Customer Journey Analytics in 2022
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Published: June 2, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Customer journey analytics is the science of assessing customer behaviors across touchpoints and – over time – determining how it affects company outcomes.

From there, CX teams may proactively identify journey improvement opportunities. Doing so is a critical part of customer experience management.

Benefits of Customer Journey Analytics

Customer journey analytics offers several benefits to CX teams. Here are four excellent examples.

1. It Provides a Unified View of CX

Customer journey analytics ensures that everyone in the business is on the same page regarding CX performance. It blends customer behavior information with various enterprise metrics to create a unified view of the customer experience.

As a result, companies can obtain a deeper grasp of their customers’ needs and preferences.

Also, organizations can detect pain points in real-time with a robust customer journey analytics tool, which triggers alerts to users.

Some tools even simulate digital experiences to spot such pain points. Such a feature is especially helpful when testing new digital deployments.

2. It Monitors the Impact of CX Initiatives

CX teams may use customer journey analytics to test and track the performance of journey tweaks, paving a path for timely fixes and effective enhancements.

The technology also reviews customer behavior, expectations, and emotion in detail. Companies can get to grips with customer insights before triggering actions to keep them satisfied and loyal.

When paired with touchpoint data, customer journey analytics also helps determine the priority of CX activities.

3. It Encourages Collaboration

Customer journey analytics breaks down internal barriers between different customer-facing functions. Indeed, thanks to the unified view of CX, departments can team up to problem solve and meet mutual goals.

Also, individual functions can better understand how their actions impact different departments, as they may monitor the progress of customer journeys after individual touchpoints.

4. There Is Better Utilization of Digital Channels

Every digital-first CX leader faces the challenge of increasing customer happiness while lowering costs. While these two goals may appear at odds, journey analytics allows businesses to achieve both.

Instead of focusing on isolated digital CX metrics like website bounce or call abandon rates, it is possible to obtain a more complete view of the entire channel mix with journey analytics.

As CX leaders examine cross-channel journeys, they can understand why customers use digital channels, why they switch to other media, and which channels best meet their needs.

Digital teams may use this data to take prescriptive measures to improve digital service and work with other functions to enhance end-to-end experiences.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Customer Journey Analytics Insights

Customer journey analytics solutions – like those offered by NICE – help companies harness customer behavioral data and build better experiences that result in financial success.

But where can companies begin when it comes to customer journey analytics? Here are the steps organizations can take:

  • Map Out the Customer Journey – Visually mapping out the customer journey will help identify all the customer touchpoints.
  • Collect Data at Each Touchpoint – Gathering data through various integrations with web analytics, call tracking, and CRM tools will help feed the journey analytics tech.
  • Analyze the Data – Analyzing the data will help businesses identify improvement opportunities and allow companies to track the progress of their journey enhancement initiatives. Doing so will give businesses an understanding of how customers interact with their brand and where they drop off, informing corrective actions.
  • Take action – Based on the analysis, organizations should understand where to enhance CX. It is essential to make data-driven decisions and not just let the insights sit idle. Companies can improve customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty by doing so.

A Technology That’s Here to Stay

Companies can optimize their marketing, sales, and service strategies to meet customer needs better by understanding customer behavior.

Additionally, customer journey analytics can help enterprises identify potential journey enhancement opportunities.

With this information, companies can make changes that will improve the overall customer experience.

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