AI Innovations Coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft has released a preview of its second wave of updates

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Published: November 1, 2023

James Stephen

Microsoft has published a preview of a second batch of updates to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

The AI-infused journey orchestration and customer data platform is set to gain new data innovations, journey and content creation enhancements in Copilot, and lead scoring improvements.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, which combined Dynamics 365 Marketing with Customer Insights into a single offering, was announced at Microsoft Inspire 2023 before becoming generally available in September.

Jim Nakashima, Partner General Manager in Dynamics at Microsoft, revealed the news in a Microsoft blog post: “Our AI features already assist data analysts and marketers in their daily tasks—improving data quality, unlocking data to understand customers, identifying audiences, and building journeys and content to engage customers.

“This demonstrates our commitment to promptly deliver announced product innovations offering cutting-edge solutions that boost productivity, unlock capabilities, and leverage data, effectively addressing the needs of organizations worldwide.

“As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI, we’re delighted to give you a sneak preview of the new features releasing as part of 2023 release wave 2.”

Data Innovations

Microsoft is introducing new data capabilities in public preview, including real-time updates to customer profiles and insights, enabling businesses to quickly react to customer behaviour and better meet their needs.

Comprehensive customer data and insights are being made available to sellers in Dynamics 365 Sales and Sales Copilot. They will be able to view customer profile summaries, customer engagement, predictions, and insights to improve the quality of their conversations.

Sellers will also be able to see metrics like lifetime value, churn risk, and buying propensity to help them locate high-value opportunities and personalise conversations.

Copilot Enhancements

A journey creator has been launched in Copilot to streamline the design of customer journeys.

Now available globally in English, by simply describing the journey you want, Copilot will build it for you. You can get suggestions to create the journey on segments, communication timing, triggers, and branching options, as well as make edits.

The AI-powered segment builder, ‘query assist’, is now available to use for data and journeys, allowing both marketers and data analysts to create segments by describing them.

New customer engagement and communication streamlining features are being released, including setting quiet times, preventing duplicate emails, choosing effective customer emails, and adding your brand as an SMS sender.

To assist with content creation, ‘content ideas’ has been made available worldwide in English and seven further languages to generate customer emails, with key point sample and tone selection upgrades to maximise email quality.

‘Content rewrite’ has been added, allowing users to perfect existing messages, whether they are emails, text messages, push notifications, or forms.

To add effective images to emails, forms, and push notifications, Copilot can now automatically recommend a selection of images from your library to match your copy.

Copilot will also style your emails, event registration pages, and forms to apply the look and feel of your website. Themes can be saved in your brand profiles and applied in future campaigns.

Lead Scoring Improvements

To increase conversion rates, marketers need to identify the prospects that are most likely to make a purchase and then send them on to sellers.

Microsoft has released an enhanced lead scoring model with granular qualification criteria and signals that do exactly this.

When a prospect has been identified, they can be automatically handed off in Dynamics 365 Sales.

Marketers and sales departments will both be able to view the impact of their efforts through the analytics dashboard.

Microsoft Fabric, an analytics and business intelligence reporting solution, can also be applied to customer journeys to create custom Power BI reports.

Last month, Microsoft made new contact centre use cases for Copilot generally available, including answering employee questions, drafting email responses, and Copilot reporting.



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