Dialpad Launches a Customer Intelligence Platform

Lift the lid on Dialpad’s latest CX innovation

Dialpad Launches a Customer Intelligence Platform
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Published: December 9, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Dialpad has launched an AI-powered customer intelligence platform that connects contact center, voice, sales, meeting, and messaging solutions with real-time analytics.

By harnessing the platform, brands may leverage predictive insights and automate workflows.

According to Dialpad, the platform is the result of years of AI research and development, focused on natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition.

Also, it takes advantage of Dialpad’s extensive investments in semantic search and digital contact center solutions.

Creating Solutions for the New Age of Customer Service

The changing requirements of today’s business leaders inspired Dialpad’s latest innovation.

Indeed, the business believes that old-fashioned communications platforms and contact centers are increasingly limiting business potential in the new digital world.

However, AI-driven tools are increasingly proving their potential, with 92 percent of large companies achieving returns on their AI strategies in 2022.

Dialpad’s Intelligence Platform aims to transform how teams work together with a unified, cloud-native workspace accessible from any device, enhanced by embedded AI insights.

According to Craig Walker, the Founder and CEO of Dialpad:

Every company is looking for new ways to engage with customers for faster sales cycles, easier expansions, and higher retention.

To achieve these goals, more brands are looking to leverage new tools and software capable of delivering valuable insights.

Dialpad’s platform hopes to fill the gap, supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes to make data-driven decisions in the hope of enhancing customer, employee, and business outcomes.

Building on a Strong AI Foundation

Dialpad is an AI-centric company. It uses various AI tools to power its products, including its CCaaS, UCaaS, and sales solutions.

The newly created Customer Intelligence Platform builds on the AI models, trained on over 3.34 billion minutes of real-time information.

Built-in speech recognition and NLP capabilities allow the technology to deliver more precise and accurate insights while empowering teams with automated employee and customer workflows.

Brian Peterson, Co-Founder and CTO of Dialpad, notes that such an application of AI helps to reduce complexity and frustration – who do not need to work with a multitude of different tabs, applications, and interfaces. He adds:

With Dialpad, employees can support customers and collaborate with colleagues all in one, Ai-Powered workspace, simplifying their day-to-day.

The announcement about the new AI Customer Intelligence Platform follows a busy year for Dialpad.

Indeed, the vendor achieved record financial growth, earned $170 in new venture financing, and introduced many new contact center AI innovations.

Dialpad believes its latest investment in customer intelligence will sustain its momentum and help more of its clients “work beautifully” in the new digital age.



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