Dialpad’s Latest AI Innovations and Broader Implications for the CCaaS Market

Introducing new AI solutions to empower contact centre agents

Dialpad’s Latest AI Innovations and Broader Implications for the CCaaS Market
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Published: October 20, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Dialpad recently announced the arrival of various new AI capabilities for its contact centre solution.

The new features were specifically created for “Agent Empowerment”, according to the brand.

These tools will help contact centre supervisors, agents, and managers to boost their productivity, with tools that streamline CX initiatives.

The tools within the Agent Empowerment ecosystem are particularly valuable to companies embracing the emerging trends of hybrid and remote work.

Dialpad AI Agent Assist, and Dialpad AI QA scorecards empower teams to perform independently and intuitively in a range of different environments.

According to Dialpad, these solutions can also assist business leaders in attracting new team members to the contact centre, at a time when staff are looking for more guidance, training, and support from their employers.

The Latest Agent Empowerment Features

The first of the two new Agent Empowerment features released by Dialpad is “Dialpad AI Agent Assist”, which uses a combination of productivity and AI tools to help agents maintain more productive conversations.

Though this solution is positioned as a standalone tool by Dialpad, it includes several functions, such as AI-driven answer shortcuts, smart scripts, knowledge ingestion, workflows, and automation tools.

AI agent Assist enhances the performance of everyday agents by ensuring they always have the right knowledge to serve and support customers in front of them.

Rather than having to sift through knowledge bases, agents can rapidly access meaningful insights to enhance CX.

According to Dialpad, the tool has already led to a 99 percent rate of successful responses to customer questions, a 66 percent reduction in average call handling time, and a 40 percent reduction in time taken to onboard agents.

The second solution introduced by Dialpad for Agent Empowerment is the Dialpad AI QA Scorecards system. This allows supervisors and administrators to grade calls and share insights with agents in real-time.

Using this feedback, agents can instantly improve their performance, and drive better CX outcomes. In the next planned update to this feature, Dialpad will also be automating scorecard phrases and behaviours, and pre-filling form data to accelerate review times.

Unlocking the Value Potential of CCaaS

The new tools released by Dialpad aim to both enrich the employee experience, and improve customer experience outcomes for business leaders in every industry.

Both AI Agent Assist and AI QA Scorecards are part of a broader shift towards a greater focus on artificial intelligence for the Dialpad brand.

Yet, these announcements showcase the growing value potential within the CCaaS space. By adding additional agent support, vendors like Dialpad can increase the average seat price, secure bigger deals, and ramp up their revenues.

Also, it is not only seat prices that vendors such as Dialpad can increase. Indeed, the space is open to innovation and new revenue streams.

The vendor’s recent, “groundbreaking” AI CSAT offering – which helps to infer customer satisfaction levels by analyzing every call – is an excellent example of this.

With more CCaaS innovation, expect more more projections of rapid growth in CCaaS. Indeed, one analyst even estimates that the CCaaS market will double in five years.

So, while the economic uncertainty may hold be limiting the growth of many CX vendors currently, hopefully – in the case of CCaaS – this is only a temporary blip.

With the likes of Microsoft, Zoom, and – most recently – Google entering the space, CCaaS is very much a CX market to watch.


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