Firefly Is an Exciting Step for Generative AI (and Adobe’s CX Mission)

Adobe is pulling its ecosystem together to embrace the “era of experience-led growth”, with Firefly at the forefront of its mission

Firefly Is an Exciting Step for Generative AI (and Adobe’s CX Mission)
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Published: April 11, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Adobe is perhaps best known for tools that allow people to open PDFs and edit photos. Yet, it also provides many leading customer experience solutions.

Indeed, the tech giant offers a customer data platform, journey analytics, and eCommerce tools spread across its clouds.

Now, Adobe hopes to pull these together and “redefine both creativity as well as the customer experience,” according to Shantanu Narayen, Chairman and CEO at Adobe.

Narayen made this comment at the recent Adobe Summit before unveiling Adobe Firefly – which will become generally available later this year.

Firefly is the vendor’s new generative AI engine, which auto-generates images and text effects by utilizing natural language inputs alone.

Adobe has promised Firefly will also auto-generate paintings, videos, and 3D content in the near future.

It’s an excellent graphic design tool. Yet, Anil Chakravarthy, President of Digital Experience at Adobe, underlined its significance in the broader CX space – alongside Adobe’s other Sensei GenAI services.

“Customer experience practitioners will have a co-pilot to help increase your productivity without increasing your workload,” said Chakravarthy.

This will start with use cases like marketing copy generation, conversational experiences, audience creation, journey creation, as well as caption generation.

An excellent example of how it may enhance conversational experiences is in its case study with early-adopter General Motors.

The automotive manufacturer trained Firefly on its own marketing content alongside data from Adobe Customer Data Platform, Journey Optimizer, and Customer Journey Analytics.

From there, General Motors could create copy to share with customers – via email or messaging – contextual to their customer journey.

Such an example showcases another exciting generative AI innovation. Yet, it also highlights how Adobe is increasing the interoperability between its cloud platforms.

In doing so, the tech giant hopes to remove friction between customer engagement processes, which scuppers “the full experience,” as Chakravarthy terms it.

Adobe Pulls Its Ecosystem Together

Many businesses buy Adobe’s customer experience solutions together. But it’s not always easy to use them together. As such, the vendor is taking steps to build a more integrated ecosystem.

Already this is evident in its General Motors case study. However, its new Content Supply Chain solution also underlines this goal.

The offering connects the Adobe Experience Cloud with Adobe Creative Cloud to support businesses in developing, delivering, and analyzing “more content in less time.”

Such innovation allows the vendor to increase the value of its overall portfolio. This demonstrates a transition from its traditional approach of marketing each of its clouds as best-of-breed offerings.

“We really are the dawn of a new era, one where digital marketing and digital products are fully converging in the customer experience,” added Chakravarthy. “This means that you must connect the complete customer experience across all of your business areas.”

Chakravarthy recognizes the importance of integrations here, both native – to meet its integrated suite vision – and third-party.

“We now have over 450 Partners integrated into the Adobe Experience platform,” he added.

That is a small number for such a prominent platform. Yet, building on this is an ongoing prerogative.

Moreover, Adobe seems to sense the opportunity to harness its platform capabilities to further growth – alongside additional integrations.

Indeed, the vendor is making Firefly APIs available for third-party developers that wish to innovate and embed its generative AI into their workflows.

By having companies utilize its technology in this way, Adobe may solidify its enterprise presence, connect with CX practitioners in new ways, and uncover new ways to leverage its leading innovation.

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