Diving Into Adobe’s Real-Time CDP Updates

Adobe announces powerful CX personalization tools at its Digital Experience Conference

Diving into Adobes Real Time CDP CX Updates
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Published: March 23, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This Wednesday, at its yearly Digital Experience Conference, Adobe announced updates to its Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP) that provides experience-led growth via buyer insights and personalization data.  

Adobe’s update includes 600 billion predictive customer insights for its enterprise end-users which track and convert real-time customer data to ensure increased engagement during the buyer’s journey.  

Moreover, the new Real-Time CDP data insights enable improved B2B account-based marketing and personalization via online shopping behaviors, prospecting, and conversion rates. 

Anjul Bhambhri, Senior Vice President of Adobe Experience Cloud Platform Engineering at Adobe, also added:   

Adobe Experience Cloud applications, from Adobe Real-Time CDP to Adobe Journey Optimizer and Customer Journey Analytics, work together to help brands drive the next phase of their digital transformation, which will be anchored in wide-scale personalization.

“In a hyper-competitive economic climate, where consumers now re-evaluate the products and services they buy each day, a brand’s key long-term growth driver is the ability to show people you accurately understand their current needs.” 

Real-Time CDP allows brands and businesses to leverage scalable, one-to-one personalization tools within a unified management platform, and according to Adobe, its platform attracts around 30 trillion audiences daily, providing ever-growing experience-led personalized campaigns. 

A Deep Dive into Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform 

Real-Time CDP runs on the Adobe Experience Platform, which offers a range of pre-established and new tools – alongside its most recent native updates.  

The two services combine to provide enterprise CX developers with roughly 450 partner integrations. The included applications provide tools for engaging with customers during the purchasing process.  

Moreover, the integrated tools allow enterprise end-users to manage data collection, enrichment, and distribution across various online and offline channels.  

Real-Time CDP also achieves its online and offline channel management success partly due to its real-time customer profiles, which track a variety of customer habits.  

New CX-Optimization Features

The updated Real-Time CDP platform includes a wealth of new features.  

Firstly, Real-Time CDP now integrates Sensei GenAI into its product offering. The new feature allows CX developers to generate multiple audience segments for increased precision and personalization, which brands can deliver at scale.  

Developers using Sensei GenAI alongside Adobe’s Journey Optimizer can simulate data-rich online and offline customer journeys with real-time insights on offers and touchpoints.  

The platform also integrates a new Generative Playbooks feature, providing marketing templates for creating potential product campaigns and customer outreach procedures.  

Moreover, Real-Time CDP Generative Playbooks enable marketing teams to leverage generative AI to simulate a customer journey. AI-based templates help marketing teams author new use cases and drive CX success based on accurate simulations.  

Additionally, Real-Time CDP is introducing improved B2B account-based marketing tools. The new B2B features allow brand teams to leverage the Adobe Experience Platform to fulfill B2B CX use cases meaningfully – over targeting individual customers.

For example, B2B marketing teams can tackle challenges like long sale cycles and complex buying journeys, which Real-Time CDP can quickly solve. Furthermore, the updated B2B tools allow brands to cross-sell by leveraging third-party platforms like LinkedIn.  

Real-Time CDP also includes new updates for eCommerce firms to support digital brand campaigns. Cross-integrated Adobe Real-Time CDP and Commerce features allow brands to leverage online shopping habits for improved personalized promotional campaigns.  

Finally, on the security side. Real-Time CDP’s new Privacy and Security Shield features allow enterprise end-users to create personalized campaigns without breaching customer data security and compliances.  

The Adobe privacy and security tools also consider specific vertical market use cases, like Healthcare Shield, that Adobe built for HIPAA compliance. 

From Meta to Truist Financial to the U.S. Bank, many major cooperations are leveraging Real-Time CDP to improve CX-based success.



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