Mindtickle Updates Sales Readiness Platform

The new additions in the company’s Fall 2021 release

Mindtickle Updates Sales Readiness Platform
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Published: September 15, 2021

William Smith

San Francisco, California-based sales readiness platform MindTickle has announced the introduction of new capabilities. 

The company offers a coaching platform for salespeople with sales readiness features such as skill development, knowledge reinforcement and execution. Coaching capabilities, meanwhile, allow for closer and more targeted improvements of indicators such as win rates and quota attainment.   

The new additions in the company’s Fall 2021 release include: 

  • A readiness index recording ideal rep profiles 
  • An Asset Hub providing reps with the correct content to share with prospects 
  • Role-based dashboards helping managers make faster decisions 
  • Gamification features such as live and team challenges 

Mindtickle said the updates would help sales teams have a centralised platform to train customer-facing reps and measure their effectiveness. 

“With the Fall 2021 release we are delivering on our vision of Sales Readiness by giving revenue leaders, sales enablement and training teams the ability to create long-lasting behavioral change and a continuous state of excellence within the organizations,” said Krishna Depura, Mindtickle CEO and co-founder 

“Selling has two key parties – the buyer and the seller. For years, sales leaders have made Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) a core part of their strategy and go-to-market approach to help organize and focus efforts on the right buyers. Now we’ve given them the ability to set Ideal Rep Profiles (IRP) for their sellers and help trainers as well as frontline managers to replicate winning behaviors throughout the organization.” 

Last month, the company raised $100mn in a Series E round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, propelling it past the $1bn valuation threshold necessary for it becoming a tech unicorn. Before that, it debuted an AI and machine-learning enhanced conversation intelligence solution known as Call AI, which features capabilities such as call recording and sharing and CRM integration on top of coaching. Previous sales conversations can be analysed to provide real-world evidence of implementation, while AI-generated call scores can further measure and compare individual interactions. 



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