NICE Joins Forces With the British Transport Police

Sandra Radlovački

The partnership enables the police force to streamline the flow of digital evidence

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NICE Joins Forces With the British Transport Police

The British Transport Police (BTP) is using the NICE Investigate digital evidence management solution to support digital transformation across its operations.

Primarily, this involves streamlining the nationwide flow of digital evidence used in investigations and charging decisions.

Thanks to the platform’s integrations with other digital evidence systems, BTP can collect and manage vast amounts of digital evidence through a single login.

Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE, said: “Crime solving increasingly relies on digital evidence, but a lot of time and effort is wasted getting digital evidence into the hands of investigators. Part of our Evidencentral platform, NICE Investigate is helping BTP and forces around the world remove the obstacles around collecting and sharing digital evidence so they can get to the truth faster.”

The platform also sources data from systems like RMS, computer-aided dispatch, and CCTV video. Furthermore, BTP can share digital evidence with the Crown Prosecution Services electronically to shorten the time needed for charging decisions.

Russell Holloway, Senior Project Manager for Digital Policing, British Transport Police, said: “Our aim is to provide every BTP officer with everything needed for investigations, all in one place.

“NICE Investigate is at the heart of everything we’re doing in relation to managing our digital evidence ecosystem moving forward.”

NICE has recently helped other law enforcement agencies – including the San Diego Police Department’s Communications Division – which has implemented NICE Inform Elite to automate metrics tracking, QA reviews, and incident reconstruction.

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