Outreach Integrates AI Insights Tech with Webex

The solution provides sales teams with sales meetings insights

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Published: October 20, 2023

James Stephen

Outreach announced an AI-powered integration with Webex by Cisco that offers meeting insights for sales teams.

According to the AI sales platform, Outreach, these “rich, AI-powered insights” help sales teams to close deals faster and remove any potential obstacles from the sales journey by identifying critical topics.

Outreach is a single sales execution platform that offers sales leaders a full picture of the sales cycle while giving sellers the capabilities and insights they need to build pipeline, navigate buying committees, run meetings, and close deals.

David Ruggiero, President of GTM at Outreach, expressed his excitement about its new partnership with Webex: “Our AI Sales Platform has a decade’s long track record of success, and we continue to deliver new innovations to the market to help the world’s leading companies create and close more pipeline.

“Outreach created the Sales Execution category, and we are thrilled to work with exceptional partners like Webex to help enterprise sellers more efficiently extract key insights and action items from meetings to quickly move opportunities along the pipeline.”

Post-call transcripts automatically capture action items for follow-up, allowing sales reps to identify key moments and take the appropriate next steps. Post-meeting engagements are greatly increased, as a result, and it helps to push deals further down the pipeline.

Outreach’s conversation intelligence tool, Kaia, enables sales leaders to find engagements that lead to revenue outcomes. Leaders will also be able to proactively identify risks during calls and provide coaching to push a deal towards a positive resolution.

Kaia takes context into account, which means it can give accurate recommendations to buyers.

Managers can also use the data generated to uncover trends across conversations, and sellers can utilise the data to run more productive meetings.

Outreach says its AI Sales Platform can save reps up to eight hours per week, which equates to a full working day saved.

Through conversational intelligence integrated into calls, managers can access a summary of deals and free up time by reducing unnecessary interventions and meetings.

Outreach’s conversational intelligence has been trained by over three billion signals and it captures more than 33 million sales execution signals every week. It can even predict whether a deal will close with an accuracy of 81 percent.

Amit Barave, Vice President of Product Management, Webex by Cisco, commented on the new integration: “Sales teams need the collaboration tools they use to be tightly integrated with their sales platforms in order to improve sales efficiency and execution.

“Outreach is now available as an integration with Webex, and sales teams will be able to leverage their post-meeting recordings into their daily sales workflows.”

The AI-powered integration is now available for customers on Outreach Marketplace and Webex App Hub, and it will be showcased at Webex’s key annual event, WebexOne, on 24 – 26 October.

In July this year, Cisco continued its layoffs, which also affected Webex, following steep revenue declines in the business unit housing Webex. Broadening its focus to include the contact centre industry, security, and networking, was suggested as a solution to Webex’s financial struggles earlier in the year.

This integration, along with its hardware partnership with Microsoft, and more, are signs that Webex is indeed open to change.



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