Quadient Acquires Daylight Automation, Releases Inspire iForms

iForms – a solution that digitizes manual forms – provides a glimpse of how the acquisition may benefit Quadient customers

Quadient Acquires Daylight Automation, Releases Inspire iForms
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Published: September 18, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Quadient has snapped up Daylight Automation in a move that will bolster its hallmark Inspire communication management platforms.

To do so, the vendor will leverage Daylight Automation’s low-code SaaS platform to build digital solutions with the aim of improving its customers’ communication workflows.

As an example, it has already released one such solution: Quadient Inspire iForms.

Inspire iForms digitizes manual forms, pulling new data into a business’s digital ecosystem.

Yet, expect much more to come, as Daylight Automation’s platform makes it possible to build all sorts of digital solutions that overlay existing business workflows.

As such, it may augment the Quadient Inspire Evolve and Flex platforms in many ways.

Marci Maddox, Research VP of Digital Experience Strategies at IDC, acknowledges this and expects Quadient to add more solutions that will help enhance its customers’ data strategies.

“Gathering data and streamlining customer interactions must go beyond simple web forms,” he said. “There is now an even greater need to handle data privacy, personalization, and intelligent communications through more robust interactive capabilities.

Quadient’s acquisition of Daylight Automation will set them on a path to delivering intelligent forms and trusted communications needed for digital business today.

To create these next-level communications experiences, the Daylight Automation team will bring significant expertise in applying the platform to simplify customer workflows.

That team has worked with many enterprise customers to identify irritating issues in complex customer communications processes.

From there, they defined how the process should look and used the platform to create the desired front-end experience before laying the new solution over existing systems.

Quadient may now leverage all that know-how to build more solutions – like Inspire iForms – that will help customers overcome some of their most problematic CX pain points.

As a result, those customers may access more modern data collection and processing capabilities.

Inspire iForms already enables this while the innovation also allows businesses to achieve green objectives, meet cost-saving goals, and lower their physical storage requirements.

Many shared customers have already enjoyed some of these benefits, thanks to a partnership the two businesses sparked in 2022.

Now, Geoffrey Godet, CEO at Quadient, wants to take that collaboration to the next level.

“Our existing partnership with Daylight has provided excellent proof that our combined capabilities help drive sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty at scale within large enterprises,” he stated.

As Daylight officially becomes part of Quadient, we are now looking forward to deepening our collaboration and leveraging this technology across all of our solutions.

That comment seems to suggest that Quadient will leverage the Daylight Automation platform beyond its Inspire offerings and across its portfolio.

That may include its Impress platform, which helps to automate document preparation, distribute communications, and present invoices and payment confirmations.

Yet, for now, only Quadient Inspire iForms is on the market and available through the vendor’s usual sales channels.


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