Salesforce and Fujitsu Team Up on Personalized Healthcare

Charlie Mitchell

Fujitsu aims to visualize the patient journey with the Salesforce Health Cloud platform

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Salesforce and Fujitsu Team Up on Personalized Healthcare

Salesforce and Fujitsu have teamed up to enhance digital healthcare innovation and introduce personalized insurance products in Japan.

Many exciting projects will spring from the partnership, including the creation of AI solutions that predict the disease risk of a patient and an entirely new insurance model for Japan’s universal healthcare system.

Capturing individual patient data, the system will aid in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment process across the patient experience.

The Salesforce Health Cloud CRM platform will gather and assess this data, enabling patient-centric digital transformation and healthcare institutions to visualize the patient journey fully.

Discussing the potential value of such a solution, Amit Khanna, SVP and GM, Healthcare at Salesforce, said:

In order to transition to more preventative, holistic care, the healthcare industry needs to embrace more connected, collaborative solutions and start integrating data from across different healthcare platforms to get a full picture of the patient.

“With this integrated end-to-end view, the healthcare industry can start working towards delivering personalized, tailored care to every patient.”

Fujitsu aims to bring this plan to life by working with medical practices to glean information from electronic medical records with each patient’s consent.

They may then integrate systems to store, manage, and analyze patient data in the Health Cloud, enabling more personalized medical experiences and workflow automation. MuleSoft and Tableau – solutions that are part of the Salesforce portfolio – will also help here.

Sharing more details on the intended goals of the partnership, Yoshinami Takahashi, CEO and EVP of Fujitsu, stated:

Through this collaboration, we ultimately aim to deliver new solutions under our portfolio of ‘Healthy Living’ offerings, contributing to the transformation of healthcare in Japan and throughout the whole world.

By embracing the partnership, Salesforce takes a step forward in realizing its aim of offering “Connected Healthcare”, a strategy to connect various healthcare stakeholders to simplify patient experiences through its Health Cloud solution.

Elsewhere the company has also launched its Summer ‘22 Release, which CX Today teased in May.

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