Snowflake X SnowConvert Merger Accelerates Cloud-Data Migrations

The acquisition secures Snowflake customers with low-code data migration tools

Snowflake X SnowConvert Merger Accelerates Cloud-Data Migrations
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Published: January 20, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This Thursday, Data Cloud service providers Snowflake acquired SnowConvert by Mobilize.Net to integrate the latter’s database migration tools into its Cloud Data service.

The merger enables Snowflake to provide simple code conversion avenues to assist with migrating customer workloads onto the cloud.

Snowflake clients are already familiar with the SnowConvert toolkit. According to the firm, SnowConvert is also the most popular client application for migrating customer workloads into Snowflake.

By integrating its client’s preferred solution, Snowflake is solving standard code conversion hurdles that clients face.

The integrated toolkit accelerates customer data migration by removing the need for manual coding to successfully deliver customer data projects.

SnowConvert’s toolkit integrates sophisticated automation techniques for Snowflake customers to reduce the requirement for coding knowledge.

Moreover, the new tools allow Snowflake customers to migrate legacy databases more efficiently and faster. Alongside Snowflake’s first-party applications, the new tools will add built-in data-type and procedure-level analysis capabilities.

A key objective at Snowflake is to provide a fast and efficient avenue for its “customers and partners to unlock value from data.” according to Ted Brackin, Snowflake’s VP of Professional Services.

The VP also explained how, for many organisations, improving efficiency for its clients starts with migrating their legacy databases and applications to the Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

Brackin noted:

With the acquisition of SnowConvert, we can help more customers, partners and more broadly our Snowflake partner network move more data and applications into the Data Cloud, enabling customers to obtain faster value from their investment in Snowflake sooner.

Additionally, the merger enables Snowflake to expand its market reach to Costa Rica, Colombia, and Bellevue, Washington.

Converting Millions of Lines of Code

Snowflake users have used SnowCovert to transfer more than 1.5 billion lines of code. With the mass amounts of customer data a company must securely handle, automation tools can significantly accelerate handling workflows.

The integrated tools will also support Scala and Python workloads allowing the Snowflake developer communities to transfer varied code more efficiently.

Tom Button, the Chairman and CEO at Mobilze.Net, said:

 To ensure organizations can monetize all their data and generate the insights and services that differentiate their businesses, they need the speed and flexibility that a modern data platform provides.  By joining forces with Snowflake, customers will have seamless access to the premier suite of tools for migrating their data to Snowflake’s platform, so they can tap into the speed and agility of the Data Cloud sooner.

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