Tethr Offers a Free Trial of Its Conversation Intelligence Solution

Sandra Radlovački

The new iniative lets users test out the platform for 30 days

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Tethr Offers a Free Trial of Its Conversation Intelligence Solution

Tethr has launched a 30-day free trial of its conversational intelligence platform.

The “Zero Touch” trial allows users to access the Tehthr solution, upload conversations, and explore pre-built dashboards using data from sample customer interactions.

Further, trial users can upload up to 1,000 of their own calls and test the capabilities of Tethr platform.

Tethr CEO Robert Beasley said: “We believe it’s time to change our industry and make AI-powered conversation intelligence easily accessible. Zero Touch enables people to see how Tethr works, get valuable insight, and put them on the fast track for improving their overall customer experience.”

The platform can analyse unstructured data from various sources, including voice, chat, and other customer interaction channels. Then, it captures key moments in customer conversations using advanced sentiment analysis, channeling insights into a set of dashboards.

These dashboards show metrics such as agent performance, churn risks, sales results, and operational cost-drivers.

Users can also benchmark their scores against other players in the industry and focus on improvement opportunities.

With this initiative, Tethr aims to make conversation intelligence insights available to more companies, without the need for coding, developing, or data scientists.

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