Twilio Expands Its Customer Engagement Platform

Unpack each of the latest enhancements to the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform

Twilio Expands Its Customer Engagement Platform
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Last Edited: November 2, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Twilio has announced several new updates to its Customer Engagement Platform (CEP), which aims to offer brands a single platform for driving superior, data-driven decision-making.

The new enhancements will support companies in creating proactive, personalized CX strategies that appeal to increasingly discerning clients, at a time of economic upheaval.

Enhancing Customer Experiences with Twilio

The first new functionality introduced by Twilio for the “CEP”, is the Verify Silent Network Authentication system.

By partnering with more than 56 mobile operators across 30 countries, Twilio customers can now harness the solution to automatically verify a phone number and device, without the need for extra PIN codes and authentication.

Brands like Gojek have leveraged the technology to reduce customer log-in times from an average of 20 seconds to five seconds, while removing distracting and frustrating authentication requirements.

Moreover, with the “SNA” solution, companies can rapidly onboard new clients and customers, without compromising on security and privacy.

Elsewhere, the introduction of Twilio Engage has enhanced the marketing capabilities of companies striving to build meaningful relationships with consumers.

Introducing the technology, Kathryn Murphy, VP of Product at Twilio, said:

“Twilio Engage is built ‘data up’ on a native CDP with native channels, so personalized experiences can be informed by consented, first-party data and powered by one platform.”

Indeed, the Engage solution pulls the power of a native CDP (Customer Data Platform) together with omnichannel communications.

In doing so, it provides a complete view of each customer, complete with rich, real-time profiles.

The solution – which is now generally available – has already helped companies like Discovery Education and Harry Rosen to deliver data-driven and personalized experiences.

Retaining and Deepening Customer Relationships

Finally, as automation continues to play a crucial role in the evolution of the contact center experience, Twilio is introducing new ways to master automated journeys.

Perhaps most notable is a new native integration between Google Dialogflow CX and Twilio’s Voice technology. This equips virtual agents with advanced AI capabilities in both IVRs and the Twilio Flex ecosystem.

Moreover, with low, or even no code, companies can now automate comprehensive self-service use cases, while eliminating otherwise frustrating IVR experiences.

The integration follows a recent announcement of the Twilio Flex integration with the Google’s new Cloud Contact Center AI environment.

Simonetta Turek, GM of CX products at Twilio, added:

“With Flex, brands can turn interactions into opportunities. Don’t ever pass by the opportunity to deepen a long-term customer relationship by arming representatives with complete context on a customers’ needs.”

Indeed, Twilio believes its technology can allow every business to transform each interaction into a new opportunity for a deeper, more meaningful customer relationship.

Its CDP-centric approach is critical to this go-forward strategy, a theme which was also prominent in its latest release wave.



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