Twilio Teams Up with AWS In the Name of Predictive AI

The partnership aims to draw more insight from the data within Twilio Segment

Twilio Teams Up with AWS In the Name of Predictive AI
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Published: July 27, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Twilio has extended its relationship with AWS to advance its predictive AI capabilities.

Announced at the AWS Summit in New York, the extended partnership bolsters the value proposition of Twilio CustomerAI – a generative AI solution launched last month.

The solution extracts data from a customer’s conversations with sales, service, and marketing teams via large language models (LLMs).

That data – which may include intent, sentiment, and qualitative insights – then filters into the customer’s Golden Profile in Segment, Twilio’s customer data platform (CDP).

With all that data inside those Golden Profiles, end-users can now apply Amazon SageMaker to further their understanding of customers.

SageMaker offers machine-learning-powered tools, which Twilio customers can now access out-of-the-box, thanks to the strengthened partnership.

Those tools will sweep through profile data and anticipate customer actions, supporting proactive customer retention campaigns and initiatives to spotlight VIP customers.

By surfacing more customer insights, Twilio aims to promote the close relationships many customers have with local businesses on a digital scale.

Alex Millet, Senior Director of Product at Twilio, doubles down on this point. “It’s clear to me that Twilio has the strongest dataset of customer engagement interactions and the platform to make this happen,” he said.

We believe our tools will change the way marketers, contact centers, developers, and data teams deliver these world-class customer experiences.

In maintaining its AWS partnership and leveraging its predictive AI, Twilio will continue building out its native features and APIs.

The Benefits for AWS

The Twilio collaboration and product alignment also drives benefits for AWS.

Indeed, the cloud juggernaut may take advantage of Twilio’s Programmable APIs and integrate more than six AWS solutions with Segment.

Shaown Nandi, Director of Technology, Industries at AWS, also underlined his excitement to work with Twilio as an example of a brand driving AI innovation.

“We’re excited to hear from customers and partners at the forefront of AI innovation, which is certainly where Twilio is playing in the customer engagement space,” he added.

It’s great to see Twilio and our portfolio of AI/ML services working together to help businesses meet customers where they are, improve engagement, and deliver highly personalized experiences.

Alongside its support for Twilio’s generative AI innovation, AWS has started leveraging the power of LLMs in its customer experience innovation.

Indeed, the vendor has recently released demos of how it’s augmenting contact centers and its Lex conversational AI platform with generative AI.

Finally, the vendor has played a critical role in the democratization of LLMs, with its Bedrock platform giving businesses foundational models to customize.



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