Verint Empowers Businesses with Microsoft Recording

Rebekah Carter

Compliance recording for Microsoft Teams

Verint Empowers Businesses with Microsoft Recording

Leading customer engagement brand, Verint Systems recently announced that it had deepened its relationships with Microsoft to support compliance recording solutions for Microsoft Teams. The collaboration between the two businesses will allow for the further development, integration, and support of Teams with the complete Verint Compliance portfolio.

The Verint Financial Compliance portfolio is a holistic suite of solutions intended to support better business compliance. Leveraging joint capabilities from Microsoft and Verint, businesses will be able to benefit from streamlined collaboration and teamwork solutions through Microsoft’s high-growth application, while also adhering to the correct regulatory requirements for monitoring, reporting and record-keeping. The new layer of compliance recording will ensure that organisations can capture Teams interactions in the back-office, contact centre, and even in trading floor environments.

A Secure and Reliable Recording Solution

Verint’s leading compliance solutions are excellent at helping businesses to mitigate the various compliance risks associated with unified communications. Verint has been supporting teams in the Microsoft environment for the past 10 years, and the company was one of the first recording systems to access Skype for Business certification in 2016. Today, the brand continues to support all communication modes available in Microsoft platforms, supported by deep integration with Microsoft Azure.

Today, Verint is developing the Microsoft recording solution built on the future compliance APIs intended for Microsoft Teams. This will allow companies from regulated environments to overcome compliance concerns in their omnichannel communication spaces and collaboration environments.

As the demand to comply with various legislation requirements in different markets continues to grow – such as MiFID II in the EU and the Dodd-Frank Act in the US, Verint’s innovative and integrated compliance capabilities are becoming increasingly crucial to the financial services market. Verint financial compliance addresses the needs of modern companies by increasing the scope and volume of electronic and voice communications data that needs to be stored, recorded, and accessible on demand.

Building on a Strong Relationship

Microsoft and Verint have a long-standing and successful partnership that spans more than a decade. According to the Senior Vice President of Global alliances and channels at Verint, John Bourne, the two companies have over 270 joint compliance customers across 40 countries. Today, Verint is thrilled to be continuing its strategic integration offerings with support for Microsoft Teams. The company believes that the new offering will provide a compliant and secure recording infrastructure that suits the needs of companies seeking multiple modes of communication and collaboration.

The Verint compliant recording solution for Microsoft Teams will give modern businesses access to the recording solutions they need, without compromising on high-quality user experience.


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