Vonage, AWS Unite to Protect Businesses from Fraud

AWS gains powerful new anti fraud tools to ensure business security and improved user experiences

Vonage, AWS Unite to Protect Businesses from Fraud
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Published: February 16, 2024

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This week, leaders in enterprise-grade cloud communications solutions Vonage announced a collaborative partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a joint effort to accelerate accessibility of its anti-fraud tools via distribution across the broad AWS developers/AWS Marketplace user base. 

The move unties Vonage’s framework of communication and network APIs that, alongside AWS influence, provide a suite of solutions to empower developers with networking tools to ensure user safety, anti-fraud protection, customer experience innovation, and improved customer experience. 

Moreover, the collaboration helps developers by uniting Vonage communications service provider (CSP) networks, Ericsson’s 5G network capabilities, and AWS services to provide an umbrella of valuable tools.

Kathrin Renz, the Vice President of AWS Industries, added: 

 AWS and Vonage have a shared passion for helping customers deliver innovation and value. Working together with Vonage, we aim to drive new industrial and enterprise applications across industries that combine 5G networks and technologies like generative artificial intelligence to fuel new products and enhance the overall customer experience. 

Saving End-Users Money and Ensuring Fraud Protection

Vonage cites Omdia’s Cybersecurity Decision Maker Survey 2023, which highlights how 92 per cent of companies report security incidents or breaches across the preceding 12 months, and this led to roughly $2.6 billion in losses for US firms. 

However, Vonage claims that its Vonage Fraud Protection solution – which will soon be available via the AWS Marketplace – will assist with these losses.  

Niklas Heuveldop, the CEO of Vonage and Head of Business Area Global Communications Platform for Ericsson, added: 

By working with AWS, we will accelerate our ability to embed communications and network APIs in applications and deliver new product offerings for AWS and Vonage customers. With network APIs, we are exposing new capabilities from within the 5G network that have never been available before, allowing existing applications to be enhanced with network information and enabling the development of a new class of applications. 

Notably, the firm’s new AWS-ready solutions are Vonage CAMARA-based* API SIM Swap, Fraud Defender solution [with AWS generativeAI], and Verify/Number Insights APIs to help empower end users and protect them from fraud.

For example, SIM Swap network API by Vonage gives developers the tools to integrate tools that determine whether a phone number has recently changed SIM cards and, therefore, detect if the call is fraudulent. On the other hand, Vonage’s Fraud Defender API adds to the security framework by proactively detecting fraud signals. 

AWS is also providing its technology solutions to assist with fraud detection. AWS is intergarting genAI services into the Vanage solutions, ensuring that business end users can protect themselves from fraud. 

Nick Laidlaw, Chief Technology Officer at Voicify, also commented, explaining how Voicify “already integrates Vonage’s communications APIs into our conversational AI experiences tailored for the restaurant industry.” 

Moreover, Laidlaw explained how the Vonage fraud protection solution now includes AWS “and the addition of network APIs, such as SIM Swap,” which leads to the firms being able to enhance the “level of security we offer for SMS and telephony, ensuring transactions are secure and valid and reinforcing our commitment to providing a trusted conversational AI service.” 

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