What Does Zoom’s Federated AI Mean for its Customers?

The Multi-Peg Approach: Why Businesses Shouldn't Hang Their Hat on Just One AI Provider

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What Does Zoom’s Federated AI Mean for its Customers - CX Today News
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Published: October 24, 2023

Rob Scott

Rob Scott


At Zoomtopia this year I connected with Ted Yoshikawa, Head of Product, Contact Center, Zoom to talk about what AI federation means to its customers.  

What Does AI Federation Mean?

AI federation refers to the collaboration of multiple AI models from different platform vendors. The aim is to leverage collective intelligence for improved performance, insights, or functionalities. In terms of benefits to enterprises, generative AI federation offers a strategic edge by enabling access to a broader range of large language models (LLMs). This approach leads to a much broader range of AI capabilities, after all not all AI’s are born the same.  

The Multi-Provider Strategy

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, businesses are increasingly adopting a multi-provider strategy. Ted emphasized the importance of diversification, especially when dealing with compliance issues like HIPAA in healthcare. The approach is akin to a traditional Health Information Exchange (HIE), ensuring that if one provider is down, others can still keep the system running.  

“We’re still in the experimental phase of AI” says Yoshikawa

The Importance of Reliability

Choosing the wrong provider can lead to customer churn, a disastrous outcome for any business, we just need to remember what happened with chatbots in the early days. Reliability and security are paramount, making the selection of AI partners a critical business decision for tech leaders. 

 The Cost and Speed Factor

Ted also touches on the cost aspect, stating that different providers offer different advantages in terms of speed and accuracy. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their AI solutions to specific use cases, optimizing both customer experience and operational efficiency.  

The Players in the Game

OpenAI, Anthropic, Meta, and Zoom’s proprietary AI are some of the key players in this space, according to Yoshikawa. Each brings its own set of capabilities and advantages, making it essential for businesses to do their homework before making a choice. There’s an ever-growing list of generative AI vendors, the challenge will be knowing which one to choose, however with Zoom’s federated AI, model you can effectively spread your bets knowing that they have multiple platforms in play. 

Final Thoughts

In the AI Gold Rush, don’t be the prospector who puts all his eggs—or in this case, hats—in one basket. A multi-provider strategy not only mitigates risks but also offers the flexibility to adapt as AI technology evolves. So go ahead, hang your hat on multiple pegs. Your business will thank you.  

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