What Exactly Does NVIDIA Do, and Why Should You Care?

Get to grips with the fundamentals of NVIDIA and what’s driving its surging success

What Exactly Does NVIDIA Do, and Why Should You Care?
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Published: June 26, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

In June 2024, news broke that NVIDIA briefly passed Apple and Microsoft in its market cap.

Yet, according to CNBC, it remains a “little-known brand”.

Thankfully, Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, offers an introduction to NVIDIA for those looking to dive deeper.

In the video below, he also highlights what’s driving NVIDIA’s success, its impact on the customer experience market, and notable big tech partnerships.

A written rundown of these critical points is also available below.

What Exactly Does NVIDIA Do?

Most people consider NVIDIA a GPU (graphics processing unit) manufacturer. Yet, that’s a bit of a misnomer now because their applications extend far beyond graphics.

For example, it also develops software libraries and programming languages, like CUDA, which serve as interfaces for their hardware.

Such an integrated approach sets NVIDIA apart as more of a systems company rather than just a hardware manufacturer.

In addition, the business builds pre-configured systems for specific applications. These include NVIDIA Drive for autonomous vehicles, Clara for healthcare, Maxine for unified communications, and Omniverse for 3D lifelike digital twins.

These developments highlight NVIDIA’s rapid transformation from a company founded to handle workloads that CPUs (central processing units) – like those from Intel or AMD – aren’t efficient at.

Yet, in building that foundation, NVIDIA became an essential part of video processing, gaming, autonomous vehicles, AI, AR/VR, and other compute-intensive tasks.

Since then, its software libraries, preconfigured systems, and programming languages have blossomed.

What Is Driving NVIDIA’s Success?

NVIDIA delivers both the hardware and ecosystem for developers. That differentiates the company.

Alongside that, CEO Jensen Huang’s vision is significant, and reminiscent to that of John Chambers, who led Cisco during the early days of the internet.

Indeed, Huang talks about how AI will change the world in various sectors, such as drug discovery, patient analysis, autonomous vehicles, and robotics.

NVIDIA then provides the technology to make that vision a reality.

Why Should Customer Experience Pros Care About NVIDIA?

AI is the underlying technology transforming customer experiences.

Despite numerous innovations, customer experiences are often still poor. AI can change this by enabling personalization, real-time data processing, and intelligent automation.

Moreover, AI promises to augment virtual agents, so they offer personalized recommendations and troubleshoot issues via multimodal interactions across video and augmented reality.

NVIDIA will play a substantial role in supporting its partners in delivering these goals, providing the software libraries, hardware, and broader AI ecosystem to bring such experiences to life.

Which NVIDIA Partnerships with CX Stalwarts Catch the Eye?

NVIDIA’s partnership with Cisco is notable, embedding its technology into various devices and enhancing real-time data processing.

In addition, it works with contact center stalwarts – like Avaya, Genesys, and Five9 – all of which became early adopters of NVIDIA’s AI technology.

Yet, its partnerships with SAP and ServiceNow are the most recent to catch the eye.

With SAP, NVIDIA will help build and deliver SAP Business AI, including its cross-application copilot, Joule.

Moreover, SAP will leverage NVIDIA’s generative AI foundry service to fine-tune LLMs (large language models) for sector-specific scenarios and deploy new apps with NVIDIA NIM microservices.

The latter brings new composability to SAP suites, which is crucial to better experience orchestration.

Meanwhile, with ServiceNow, NVIDIA is now building telco-specific GenAI solutions to elevate service experiences – with BT Group an early-adopter.

That comes after the partnership first enabled the development of custom LLMs, which generate content that triggers automated enterprise workflows within ServiceNow and beyond.

However, beyond these two examples, there are many more partnerships with CX stalwarts that spotlight NVIDIA’s role in improving customer experience offerings by providing and enabling advanced AI capabilities.

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