BT Group Taps ServiceNow to Bring GenAI & Automation Into Its Contact Centers

The telecoms giant its transforming is CX operations, having recently announced a CCaaS megadeal with Sprinklr

BT Group Taps ServiceNow to Bring GenAI & Automation Into Its Contact Centers
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Published: June 20, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

BT Group has penned a multi-year agreement with ServiceNow to “improve customer and employee experiences”.

The agreement will see the telecoms giant extend its use of ServiceNow’s Service Management portfolio across “all BT Group units”.

In doing so, BT will utilize new capabilities within that portfolio. Interestingly, that includes ServiceNow’s Now Assist for Telecom Service Management (TSM) solution.

Now Assist for TSM leverages NVIDIA AI – which includes generative AI (GenAI) – to support telco customer service teams in summarizing customer conversations, case activities, and work notes.

In addition, the telecom-specific offering supports agents with next best actions.

Subsets of BT’s customer care team have already leveraged the summarization capability as part of a phase one pilot, with 300 contact center agents utilizing the solution.

So far, that pilot has enabled these BT teams to reduce their mean time to resolution by a third.

The feature has also cut the time agents take to generate case summaries by 55 percent.

Moreover, the time it takes for agents to review complex case notes dropped by the same percentage, enabling more seamless agent handovers.

Yet, beyond these pilots and GenAI, Hena Jalil, Managing Director & Business CIO at BT Group, has bigger plans for the partnership.

“Reimagining how we deliver service management requires a platform first approach, building stronger foundations for us to do things faster and smarter,” she said.

Our approach, powered by ServiceNow and enhanced with AI, will transform customer experience at BT Group, unlocking value at every stage of the journey.

“In short, it is further evidence to customers that we’ve got their back.”

The announcement comes only months after BT Group teamed up with Sprinklr to implement its Unified-CXM platform, with CCaaS a central part of the deal.

Now, many BT Group units could deploy Sprinklr Service alongside ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) platform to unlock a broader CX ecosystem.

Yet, ServiceNow’s Service Management portfolio extends far beyond CSM, and BT will leverage additional capabilities to further bolster B2C and B2B customer experiences.

For instance, BT will implement the ServiceNow Service Bridge. That solution – which is part of ServiceNow’s ITSM stack – allows brands to build a cross-application, connected ecosystem of digital, “seamless” workflows.

With this, BT Group can connect with its enterprise clients’ systems to automate tasks such as orders, support, and service flows.

Additionally, enterprise customers may soon contact BT’s support team within their ServiceNow environments by connecting isolated processes within one digital workflow.

Such possibilities for automation excite Paul Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, ServiceNow. “In this new era of intelligent automation, ServiceNow puts AI to work for our customers – with speed, trust, and security,” he said.

By leveraging the speed and scale of the Now Platform, we’re creating a competitive advantage for BT, driving enterprise-wide transformation, and helping them achieve new levels of productivity, innovation, and business impact.

Elsewhere, ServiceNow recently hit CX Today headlines for its co-innovation with CCaaS giant Genesys – with the vendors announcing a unified CX platform.

The enterprise tech juggernaut has also teased digital customer service avatars, which present an exciting new use case for contact center GenAI.



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