What is Screen Analytics and What Tech Do You Need to Leverage it? 

Analytics is increasingly becoming an integral part of the customer experience

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Published: April 7, 2021

Anwesha Roy - UC Today

Anwesha Roy

Analytics is increasingly becoming an integral part of the customer experience. Last year, research by Bain & Co., found that 84% of companies plan on using customer journey analytics by 2023. There is interest in analytical models like the customer lifetime value model (82%), personalisation (82%), sentiment analysis (81%), and IoT sensor-based data analysis (71-79%). One of the key areas of analytics application that CX-focused organisations need to consider is screen analytics. 

You can define screen analytics as a technology system that collects data from user navigation on a desktop screen and analyses it to map key trends and insights 

Screen analytics is extremely effective in surfacing real-time insights into user behaviour. How engaged is the customer with your top SEO blog? Is there scrolling activity, or is the screen at a standstill? What is the duration between the opening of a web application and exiting? Which fields of a form are causing users to drop off? These vital questions, and more, can be answered using screen analytics – and it is not just limited to the customer, specifically.  

Two Potential Applications of Screen Analytics  

Screen analytics can surface insights on user behaviour, and this includes both customers as well as your contact centre agents.  

User behaviour analysis on your website, e-commerce store, or any other online asset gives you direct action points on how to improve online engagement. Screen analytics in a contact centre shines a light on agent performance, service level adherence, and efficiency.  

  • Analysing user engagement with online assets – In a post-pandemic world, it is more important than ever to be able to conduct business digitally. That’s why you need an engaging, functional, and easy-to-use web presence that will not cause the user to lose interest or drop off. Screen analytics can investigate every granular interaction that customers have with your websites, blogs, forms, and carts, pinpointing the root cause of issues. Some of the metrics to each include average time spent on a screen, total events on a screen, drop off rates per screen, etc.  
  • Monitoring agent performance in a contact centre – Just like call recording data gives you information on an agent’s performance during a call, screen analytics tells you about their pre-call and post-call activities. It is extremely helpful for assessing agent productivity and idle time, by mapping screen activity and its outcomes. It also analyses if an agent requires more help during a call, is using their desktop screen, and if any further agent assist tools are needed

What Do You Need to Run Screen Analytics? 

The technologies used for screen analytics will vary depending on their application. For customer screen activity analytics, there are solutions like MOCA, and UXCam, which bundle screen analytics into their online session recording and analysis capability. Contact centres, on the other hand, have to partner with an agent solutions provider like NICE, where screen analytics will be bundled into the large workforce analytics and engagement capability.  


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