Xarios Enters Cloud Market with ‘Dimensions’

Moshe Beauford

After a successful unveiling at KAZOOcon, Xarios penetrates the Cloud space

Xarios Enters Cloud Market with ‘Dimensions’

Xarios is a pioneer when it comes to taking a customer-centric approach to call analytics solutions, having built custom on-premises solutions for the past twenty years, supplying customers with value through product agility and flexibility. Xarios, more recently, took a dive into the deep end of the Cloud market pool, stepping away from its on-premises solutions as it looks toward the future of Cloud call analytics.

This month, Xarios debuted its ‘Dimensions’ technology at KAZOOcon, a 100 percent Cloud solution that harnesses the strong APIs of 2600Hz’s KAZOO platform. Xarios are taking its full portfolio to the Cloud, according to VP of Product, Chris Rawlinson. He said they have plans to migrate their entire premises-based application suite to the Cloud in the not too distant future.

Rawlinson also said:

“We see our Cloud move as an evolution of our existing call analytics solution, which now has a more advanced Cloud counterpart”

“The solution is formerly premises-based and sold under an OEM agreement with Mitel. It is now available via the Cloud with more advanced functionalities.”

Besides his role as VP of Product, Rawlinson is Co-Founder of Xarios, with close to twenty years of involvement in telecoms software development. He started his career right out of university, working with resellers designing custom premises-based systems. Eventually, the operation grew, leading to what is today known as ‘Xarios Technologies.’

Introducing ‘Xarios Dimensions’

As Xarios makes a transition into the Cloud arena, its leadership made a wise decision to pair with another powerful name in the world of UC, 2600Hz. ‘Dimensions’ uses KAZOO APIs, developed by 2600Hz, to extend real-time wallboard updates along with live data to call and contact centers. Such technology is beneficial for customers who seek actionable insights into statistics on Customer Experience and user performance.

“Dimensions is our Cloud starting point, and at KAZOOcon, we demonstrated its UI, as well as the real-time and historical components of the product, including the dashboard and wallboard solution. We even showcased the wallboard functionalities delivered through an Amazon Fire TV Stick, which is an excellent way of reducing costs associated with ownership and installation,” said Rawlinson.

‘Dimensions’ is available through Xarios’ hosted environment for North American service providers, and the SaaS solution may also open up to developers in the future, thereby permitting them to add custom features that suit their call/contact center environments.

Xarios says ‘self-service’ is flexibility

Xarios has always put an emphasis on user-friendliness, and with ‘Dimensions,’ things are no different. For customers, resellers, and service providers, Xarios streamlines the process of creating new call and contact center users, configuring, deploying, and onboarding new customers through its self-service model.

Xarios Dimensions Wallboard

Xarios Dimensions Wallboard

The real perks of ‘Dimensions’ are what clients can do with the Cloud call analytics solution. ‘Dimensions’ extends an advanced filtering process, allowing customers to view and analyze the information they deem crucial for specific agents. This alone lets customers see only what they need to see, all available on a single screen.


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