Zoom Launches a Conversational Analytics Solution

The Zoom IQ solution aims to enhance the performance of sales teams

Zoom Launches a Conversational Analytics Solution
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Published: April 13, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Zoom has released a new conversational intelligence solution for sales teams: Zoom IQ for Sales.

The solution analyzes sales meetings and deals to provide actionable improvement opportunities and assess risks, enabling companies to bolster the performance of their sales teams.

Combining various machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to process post-meeting transcripts, the solution generates insights for sales reps and their managers.

Speaking exclusively with CX Today, Josh Dulberger, Head of Product, Data, and AI, at Zoom – shares more details, stating:

Zoom IQ for assesses customer reactions, selling skills, and possible pain points during the conversation. It also tracks the names of competitors that crop up on calls, which may highlight risks to potential deals. These may then be passed onto account executives for positive intervention.

Such a solution seems to have excellent potential in contact centers – a space Zoom entered in February 2022 – enabling a holistic view of an account from pre-sales to post-sales by assembling insights from the various conversations on Zoom meetings.

Indeed, the sector is reaping the benefits of recent advancements in conversational analytics– with companies such as Google releasing a variety of pre-trained AI models. Taking a similar approach, Zoom harnesses sophisticated consumer models of AI – like those embedded into smart devices such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home – and applies them to a sales call.

As such, Dullberger believes the transcription services are better than many widely available on the market. He says:

Only now are these models becoming commonplace, with many companies already in the space building upon technologies developed in a previous generation of AI. Consequently, Zoom offers enriched capabilities to enhance sales calls in a meaningful way.

These transcripts then feed into neural networks to extract semantics from the sales conversation.

With such capabilities Zoom may soon enhance its CCaaS platform, drawing insights from customer service interactions.

Dullberger makes no secret of this, stating: “This is just the beginning. The contact center is the next place where we will focus on bringing many more of these features to life, where we analyze calls and provide real-time guidance.”

By doing so, Zoom aims to create an “augmented reality for the support rep”. As an example, consider an agent handling an unfamiliar query. The solution may step in, understand the question and pass a relevant knowledge article to the agent, offering next-level guidance.

Alongside this, more consumer-focused solutions are seemingly in the works. For instance, Zoom may exploit the technology to provide a speaker with feedback following a presentation they give on the platform.

Yet, putting the crystal ball away, the software provider has also released Zoom Events functionalities, such as Backstage and Branding.

Finally, Zoom set out a vision to place engagement at the center of the experience and transform how we work, connect, and collaborate. With this, Zoom senses an opportunity to make waves in the UCaaS, CCaaS, and beyond.



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