Announcing the 2022 CX Awards 

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Customer experience technology awards from CX Today 

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Announcing the 2022 CX Awards 

We’re excited to share the upcoming launch of our CX Awards for 2022. Following a selection of successful award events from the Today Digital brand, we’re launching this CX extravaganza to commend true innovators in customer experience.  

Applications are set to open on the 26th of November, so now is the perfect time to start preparing (if you haven’t already). This global annual award is an incredible opportunity for pioneers in customer experience to demonstrate what makes them special in the current landscape.  

Even better? The CX Awards are 100% digital – so anyone can get involved. 

Join the CX Awards Celebration for 2022 

We’re launching our first iteration of the CX Awards event with a wide selection of categories to compete in. This digital award event is easy to attend and excellent for earning brand recognition among a global audience of potential customers and partners. Our hosts, Rob Scott and Clare Muscutt will be announcing the winners of the awards on the 17th of February 2022, at 16:00 GMT.  


Categories include: 

  • CX Leader of the Year: An award commending industry leadership, strategic influence, and overall contribution of an individual in the CX space
  • Best CX Solution: Celebrating the best solution for customer experience, evidenced by the effective application of technology
  • Most Innovative Product: An award to highlight the pioneering products and solutions in CX. Successful applicants will need to demonstrate the value of their emerging tech
  • Best Contact Centre Platform: Recognising the ultimate contact centre solution featuring comprehensive omni-channel communications, analytics, and advanced features
  • Best CRM Platform: Awarding the top Customer Relationship Management vendors based on market success, innovation, and growth
  • Best Conversational Analytics Platform: An award commending the best speech technology vendors capable of showing exceptional market success
  • Best Workforce Optimisation Platform: Celebrating the workforce management solutions enabling and empowering the modern workforce 
  • Best Customer Journey Platform: Awarding customer journey platforms with analytics, journey orchestration software, and innovative tools
  • Best Helpdesk Platform: An award open to helpdesk vendors delivering exceptional tools to the customer service landscape
  • Best Compliance Product: Commending vendors with regulatory control and compliance solutions enhancing CX technology
  • Best Loyalty Management Platform: An award for the most impressive platform for managing customer loyalty and engagement
  • Best Use of AI: This award celebrates vendors capable of leveraging artificial intelligence technology to improve the customer experience strategy

Every applicant for the CX Awards 2022 will have the opportunity to highlight the benefits of their CX solution to potential customers. The CX Awards also receive year-round promotion from CX Today, so you know you’ll be getting attention from our loyal readers.  

Applications for this event will open on the 26th of November (Friday) and close on January 14th, 2022. Will your company come out on top? Get involved at today!  



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