Get Ready for the Five9 CX Summit EMEA

The Five9 CX Summit heads to Porto. Here’s why you should consider attending.

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Get Ready for the Five9 CX Summit EMEA - CX Today News
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Last Edited: April 11, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Keep the 9-11 of May 2023 free in your diary as the Five9 CX Summit EMEA is back, and this year it’s taking place in Porto, Portugal. 

Not only is it one of Western Europe’s most beautiful cities, but it’s home to a thriving community of tech innovators. 

Five9 is one of those, launching a new office, engineering hub, and now its 2023 CX Summit in the city first made famous for its port wine.  

Attendees may even get to try some after three action-packed days filled to the brim with keynotes, tracks, and demonstrations.   

Each of these is designed with the end-user in mind. As Sabine Winterkamp, VP of International Marketing at Five9, told us:  

“We are asking the community: what are the topics that you want to learn more about? And we are building a program around what our guests would like to see.”

Delivering these sessions are Five9 leaders – including CEO Mike Burkland, CMO Genefa Murphy, customers, partners, and industry analysts. 

What to Expect from the Event

The agenda will drop in the coming days with a complete list of topics and speakers.  

However, Five9 has already disclosed the theme: “Bringing together the power of people and technology.” 

As such, attendees can expect a lot of discussions around the practical application of AI and how a  cloud-native CX platform delivers fluid multi-channel experiences that empower agents and delight customers. 

Winterkamp suggests that these may include everything from the niftiness of ChatGPT innovation to the nitty-gritty of AI-enhanced data management. She said:  

“We want to lift the concerns out of the minds of our customers in regards to automation, conversational AI adoption, and contact centre security.”

A whole host of external speakers will help Five9 achieve this mission, and – if it is anything like last year’s event – the line up should not disappoint. 

Indeed, that Summit included prominent CX analysts, alongside partners such as Zendesk, Poly, and FreshWorks. 

Moreover, end-users provided many of the sessions, sweeping across several sectors, from healthcare to hospitality. 

Some of the presentations and discussions will present opportunities to deep dive into particular products. Meanwhile, others will offer high-level overviews of emerging trends as Five9 ensures there is something for every customer experience leader. 

Finally – as in 2022 – there will also be the space for attendees to connect with colleagues and peers, discuss their focuses, and find out how Five9 can support them in achieving their ambitions. 

Where Can I Sign Up?

Anyone interested in the event can learn more and sign up here. 

Taking place at the Hilton Porto Gaia, it is easy to reach for everyone across Europe and the U.S.  

After soaking up three days of compelling customer experience insight, attendees may also immerse themselves in the fantastic culture with thousands of fellow industry pros.  

“We can deliver an amazing experience there,” promises Winterkamp.  

Moreover, the location underlines the speedy expansion of Five9. After all, the Summit has moved from a virtual setting to London and now to Portugal, underscoring its rise to becoming a worldwide CCaaS stalwart. 

Learn more about its rapid rise by checking out our article: Why Are More Businesses Choosing Five9 for CCaaS? 


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