Get Ready! Our CX Trends & Updates Are Coming Soon

Mark your calendars for July 1 as we unlock a treasure trove of CX conversations

Get Ready! Our CX Trends & Updates Are Coming Soon - CX Today News
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Published: June 27, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

With tales of tech convergence, workflow orchestration, and – of course – AI hitting the CX headlines, the customer experience space seems awash with innovation.

Yet, as a customer, not all that much appears to have changed.

IVRs still seem clunky, bots remain bemused by any question beyond a simple FAQ, and – all too often – a phone call seems the only way to resolve a significant issue.

Some areas have improved significantly, from slick digital commerce to hyper-personalization. However, particularly within service experiences, the gap between rising expectations and current customer experiences is widening.

Thankfully, several emerging trends and technologies might just close that chasm.

That’s where our CX Trends and Updates series comes into play. They promise to pull you closer to the customer experiences of tomorrow.

How? By serving up a platter of thoughtful conversations with customer experience thought leaders and tech innovators.

So, mark your calendars for Monday, July 1, because – at 2pm – both series will hit the CX Today platform with great aplomb.


CX Trends: What to Expect

There are many cogs in the customer experience wheel, from strategy and design to critical tech systems, such as CCaaS and CRM.

Recognizing this, we’ve picked out 15 of the hottest topics from across the CX space, with consideration for the content our readers interact with most.

From there, we sought specialist speakers and invited them to share the latest on how that one topic is changing customer experience.

In doing so, we recorded 15 thought-provoking videos for you to skim through, picking out the most relevant to your roles.

One excellent example is an interview with Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, Director of AI Research at Zoho. He shares five critical trends in CRM, from native virtual assistants to the expansion of vendors deeper into the service stack.

Another fascinating conversation is with Rebecca Achariyakosol, Executive Director of Global Product Services Strategy, Portfolio & Product Management at Lenovo. She shares how Lenovo is advancing its proactive and predictive customer care approach.

Yet, these are just two examples, with guests covering everything from conversational intelligence and CPaaS to virtual agents and – you guessed it – generative AI (GenAI).


CX Updates: What to Expect

CX Today is the undisputed king of customer experience news, bringing our readers the latest and greatest stories from across the space.

In this CX Updates series, you’ll hear more from the brands behind those headlines.

For instance, Five9 goes deeper on its GenAI strategy, Avaya explains why it revamped its product names, and AssemblyAI introduces the latest in speech AI.

Yet, alongside the stalwart brands, you’ll also learn from industry disruptors.

Indeed, evaluagent shares how it’s reimagining the net promoter score (NPS), Intermedia reveals how it is rethinking sentiment analysis, and UJET serves up a futuristic approach to AI in CX.

These are just some of the compelling stories that bubble to the surface as the selected CX stalwarts and disruptors discuss their latest innovations and give insight into their roadmap.


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