Beneva Selects Qualtrics for Customer Feedback

William Smith

Insurance firm Beneva is using Qualtrics CustomerXM to listen to customer feedback in real-time

Beneva Selects Qualtrics for Customer Feedback

Enterprise feedback platform provider Qualtrics has been chosen by Canadian mutual insurance company Beneva to gather customer experience feedback.  

Qualtrics’ CustomerXM solution has been deployed to listen to feedback in real-time on a single platform, in an effort to synchronise data previously siloed in different departments at Beneva. The Qualtrics solution will duly be integrated at customer touchpoints and integrated with Beneva’s contact centre and customer service software. 

“Qualtrics is a comprehensive solution. It will enable us to move from listening to our clients and partners to taking the necessary actions to improve experience overall. Furthermore, SOM, a market research firm specialising in experience management and business strategy, and a partner of both Beneva and Qualtrics, will accompany us throughout deployment to ensure continuity,” said Stéphane Morency, Executive Vice President of Strategy, Customer Experience and Marketing at Beneva. “This partnership gives us a solid base upon which to build who we are: people protecting people.” 

Qualtrics’ CustomerXM solution identifies metrics such as engagement, attrition, customer loyalty, satisfaction and spend across all channels and integrates with CRM and ticketing systems to trigger automatic actions.

The company’s predictive intelligence AI engine iQ also helps uncover insights and predict outcomes from text and voice data, as well as featuring data analysis functionality. 

“For many insurance companies, customer information is often siloed, making it difficult to create a holistic picture of the individual and their needs. Beneva is breaking down those silos, using Qualtrics as their single customer experience platform,” said Brad Anderson, President of Products and Services at Qualtrics 

“With Qualtrics, they’ll get to know and serve their customers as people by gathering insights from a variety of customer touchpoints. With this data centralised on a single platform, Beneva will be able to help customers across the organisation in a caring and personalised way.”



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