IT By Design Debuts Team GPS for Employee Engagement

William Smith

The solution centralises employee engagement and retainment tools

IT By Design Debuts Team GPS for Employee Engagement

Managed services provider IT By Design (ITBD) has launched a new solution centralising customer and employee engagement and retaining tools. 

The company provides services for MSPs, with offerings including dedicated staffing, helpdesk solutions, RMM virtual admin, vCIO consulting, security, and professional services. 

The new “business operating system” is known as Team GPS, and covers areas such as job performance, satisfaction, and workplace culture. Other elements include rewards and recognition, strategy and goals, and employee performance. The customer engagement component will be first to release, followed by an employee engagement offering. 

Among the features included in the platform are: 

  • Surveys for generating feedback aligned with employee performance management criteria 
  • Integrations with professional services automation tools. 
  • Staff feedback surveys and performance templates 
  • Gamified rewards and personal recognition 

“With Team GPS, we’re taking all of the existing tools to the next level by putting them into one central repository where MSPs can greatly benefit from the rich data that can now be easily mined,” said Sunny Kaila, chief executive officer for ITBD 

“As a Master MSP, we have reached a level of operational expertise that affords us the competency and privilege to create these critical people-based resources for our peers. These tools will help them transform from a tech-centric mindset to a people-centric mindset, which is imperative for future success.” 

The company recently established operations in the Philippines, adding to existing offices in Jersey City, New Jersey and India. 

“I am so excited to share the news of our expansion into the Philippines,” said Sunny Kaila. “This is an amazing opportunity for us to access great technical talent in the Philippines and to continue to support the MSP channel with innovative products and services designed specifically to help them grow.” 



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