Latitude, Rep Data Partner on Video Consumer Feedback

William Smith

The partnership is aimed at driving higher quality insights from video feedback content

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Latitude, Rep Data Partner on Video Consumer Feedback

Video feedback platform provider Latitude is partnering with data collection solutions firm Rep Data on delivering better insights from video content. 

Latitude’s interactive video platform Lumière is being combined with Rep Data’s expertise in sourcing hard-to-find study respondents – with the effect being an increase in return rates from 7% to 30%. 

That increase has resulted in more usable feedback and improved insights into representative audiences who stay engaged with video content such as advertisements. 

“Our studies are inherently complex, dealing with different kinds of content, different types of clients and different types of study outcomes,” said Steve Mushkin, Founder of Latitude. “When we initially began working with Rep Data, we hoped to access higher quality respondents to deliver higher quality data for our clients. Not only have those expectations been met, they’ve been exceeded. They’ve taken the outcomes for our clients to another level.” 

Reaching Higher Quality Respondents 

The Lumière platform typically asks for the viewing of long- and short-form content, thus requiring authentic engagement from participants. Rep Data’s audience insight has allowed Latitude to connect with individuals who engage meaningfully in interactive video research experiences. 

Aside from the increase in return rates, the partnership has also resulted in: 

  • More representative and complete data sets 
  • A higher quality of respondent 
  • The capacity for media and video content companies to accomplish more complex studies with harder-to-find populations 

The announcement comes on the heels of a study released by Rep Data alongside Research Defender and DM2, entitled Data collection techniques for quality outcomes. Based on a survey conducted in Q2 2021, the white paper investigated the best practices for various data collection techniques. 

“We found that combining a service-oriented, consultative approach to data collection, with a focus on consistent execution, and specialised tools to reduce fraud, duplication and other negative respondent attributes, we were able to show a statistically significant increase in data quality,” said Patrick Stokes, founder and CEO of Rep Data.



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